Russian Federation
Hello there!
:summer2019horn: И жнец, и швец, и на дуде игрец :summer2019horn:
Just a guy from Siberia:steamflake:
I create and publish GMod art pictures I'm so lazy with making pictures and busy with studying and/or playing games so I rarely do pics right now.

Also like to play videogames[guess that's why I am here], know stuff about history (esp. XX cen.)[ueah, ww1 and ww2, cool ain't it, huh?]. Music is the big part of me, I really enjoy listening to it. Unless it's not a music I dislike. Who even cares tho?..

and yeah, I do not delete comments on my profile so you can check how my enemies in csgo didn't like me :D
[Cuz people are funny]

There are few criteria used to accept invitations:
1) I have to have a slot in my friend list [since I am not as popular as ArachnitCZ I have a lo-o-ot of those]
2) common friends or personal acquaintance;
3) your profile in general[I mean, it's kinda suspicious when a guy with level 0 and blank profile picture and weird name is adding you, am I right?]

I can do commissions if you are fine with my style and ready to give your money to me.

🖤Haistroff 💔:dustpan:

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I farded
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+rep clear mate
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