I listen to synthwave music, get high, play video games, and vibe.
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Q: What's your name mean?
A: It's pretty simple. I have longish hair, I identify as enby pronouns I'm non-binary they/them will suffice, and I'm from the East Coast United States. My name is inspired by my favorite Twitch streamer, icemanwest. (He currently thinks I'm trolling him with this name, I'm not. I genuinely like the dude and just thought my name would be funny. I'm very chill and my name wasn't meant as an insult to his baldness, I genuinely just think this name is cool and I honor him with it. Also, I can't change it on Twitch for another 5 months, so you're all stuck with it.)

My "real name" field is a mutation of b4nny's real name. "Grant Vincent" is his real name as listed on his Steam profile. I think "Vince Grantcent" is hilarous, so that's my parody name.

It's all inspired by love out of the TF2 community, nothing malicious about it! <3

Q: When do you stream?
A: Whenever possible, even if I'm not aware people are watching, I usually stream a good portion of my matches.

Q: Do you play comp?
A: No, but if you're interested in getting me into it, send me a friend request and a message. With proper training I could probably play comp. I'm pretty good at this game in my own opinion.

Q: Do you trade?
A: Just ask me in the comments before you want to trade. I generally don't trade.
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Alexaction Just now 
Oh, y'know if I ever saw that I might've taken that into account. This is just another one of the consequences of his dumb jokey actions then. Real Fatmagic ending to the video.
[BIG SHOT] 12 minutes ago 
His alias account has a VAC ban purposely, so funny stuff like that happen.
Alexaction 15 minutes ago 
Dude I'm still trying to figure out how someone hacks with the loose cannon
thicc boi 15 minutes ago 
"I'm pretty good at this game in my own opinion" :steamsalty:
[BIG SHOT] 31 minutes ago 
And come on, pablo. You don't have to be vague and dramatic. Just say you saw it on Fatmagic's video because the last time you played TF2 was on 17 September and you're in a group called "pyros are gay, overpowered and probably just ruined tf2 forever".
[BIG SHOT] 39 minutes ago 
And let's be honest, the video is way more funnier with that ending.