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Egee Jun 17 @ 11:25am 
-rep Running trough molotovs for griefing reasons
Wade2k Feb 4 @ 12:10am 
-rep he's from west side of america
Wade2k Feb 3 @ 5:33am 
I'm from the east side of America, Where we choose pride over character
Heikin paskanen smurffi Feb 2 @ 9:02am 
- rep
Wade2k Jan 18 @ 1:35pm 
I know what you're thinking:
What's Barney been drinking?
That girl was smoking hot

Yes, I coulda nailed her
But no it's not a failure
Cause there's one thing she is not

To score a 10 would be just fine
But I'd rather be dressed to the nines!
It's a truth you can't refute

Nothing suits me like a suit

Picture a world where all the boys and girls
Are impeccably well-dressed
That delivery guy in a jacket and tie
That puppy in a double breast
That 80's dude with mutton chops
That baby with a lolly pop
That lady cop who's kinda cute
Nothing suits 'em like a suit

Wingman I can wear!
They're oh, so debonair!
The perfect way to snare
A girl with daddy issues!

In navy, blue or black!
Check out this perfect rack!
I want to give them a squeeze
Wade2k Jan 18 @ 1:50am 
Nothing suits him like a suit