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Posted: Oct 12 @ 3:04am

TL;DR: New world has some interesting ideas but overall feels shallow and soulless (yet somehow I'm still playing)

The good:
- The tradeskill system is diverse and feels rewarding.
- Player houses are done pretty well.
- Local auction houses create a lot of potential for 'playing the market' in the endgame.
- The game still has that 'new MMO smell'. Everyone is still figuring out things together and this can be a fun progression to be a part of.
- The war system is promising (albeit unbalanced at time of writing).
- The game promotes a lot of open world PvP combat which results in spontaneous large scale battles.
- No monthly fee!

The ok:
- Combat is fun but very shallow and I am not sure if this would hold up for high end PvE content.

The bad:
- The world feels bland and soulless. There is little that puts different areas apart other then how much damage the monsters do. Towns all have the same purpose and none really stand out. There are barely any NPC's anywhere outside of towns. The world has no flavour or soul.
- Halfway through leveling I have fought only a handful of different enemy models. It seems they are re-used way too much. Again, it makes the game feel shallow and bland.
- The leveling experience is bad. It feels like it wasn't thought out at all. Quests run out way to early and you'll end up grinding repetitive and unimaginative errands instead.
- The story is not compelling.
- Social interaction in this game is ruined by a very bad chat interface. For some reason the game has a server wide global chat which is predictably full of toxicity. This combined with all the recruitment spam washes away any chance of people seeing local chat. All they had to do is copy WoW, but instead they reinvented the wheel and made it square.
- A game that looks like this shouldn't run like this. Performance is not good enough.
- There is very little that sets different player characters apart. There are no races and classes. Every character can in theory respec into any role. This can be convenient, but takes away many experiences which for me are core to MMORPGs. Classes put the R in RPG. They increase the feeling that your character is something special and increase replayability in the form of alts. New world completely lacks this.
- I've run into too many bugs, some game-breaking but all annoying.
- In-game real money transactions in a 40 euro game. I know most people have become numb to this over the years but it still is not okay. We already paid for it, let us have our content.
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