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19.4 год. загалом
Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
I already spent few hours in this game as a part of alpha testing. The game is already fun as-is - with existing content and features. You will love the game if you like sandbox games - no mission, no quests, just opportunities to explore, scavenge, craft, build, survive - and build your own world. Beautiful graphics and catchy music will follow you on your expeditions. And challenging and slow crafting will make you think about every next step. Please be aware that the game is in a very early stage and so far it is singleplayer only - so the game did not demonstrate its full potential yet.

What I like about the game
  • Enthusiasm of game author
  • His plans of future of the game
  • Visual style of the game
  • Almost every item/resource in the game can be collected and used
  • Complexity of crafting recipes, long crafting chains to get final product
  • Building mode - easy to navigate and place building structures
  • POIs - interesting locations with desert plains, deep caves, desolate islands

What should be improved
  • User Interface is still work-in-progress, should be simplified
  • Player's animations should be smoother
  • Content must be extended, more items to craft and use
  • Multiplayer should be implemented as soon as possible - the game becomes boring after some time. Multiplayer is a must to keep people interested for a long time. Yes, we wanna build new civilizations.
  • Some number of quests should be available, or at least some ultimate objective

You definitely should try this game if you like survival sandbox games. You will like how difficult/complex/slow (choose by yourself) is to progress - which grants you many hours of fun in the game. On the other side - do not invest into the game if you expect some quick action, fast leveling or simple questing in style of "go there and bring/kill...". If you look for anything like that, wait until the MMO multiplayer is implemented. So stay tuned...
Додано 5 жовтня 2015 р..
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