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5.6 hrs on record
I really tried to get this going but honestly it's just not that fun compared to Overlord 1. Also the tutorial segment is just way too long.
Posted February 28.
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2.2 hrs on record
I've tried to play this with multiple false starts and in the end it came down to the game being:

Very slow loading.
Tactics focused with few skip-options, so combat is very slow and tedious.

Overall very "boring" fights.
Posted February 23.
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0.5 hrs on record
Very poor controls, cannot lockon/track so you're kind of missing most of the time. Also alt-tabbing out of this game causes it to crash. Seems like a bad port overall, avoid.
Posted February 23.
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12.8 hrs on record
I would love to write a long review about why I recommend this game, but I find the words difficult to express.

The game elicits a lot of emotions, if you are down for an emotional roller coaster, you **must** play the prequels along with this one.

Strong recommendation for YES PLAY THIS GAME.
Posted February 21.
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30.9 hrs on record
I finally finished this game. It's not too difficult minus the ending; the majority of combat is basically QTE like.

The music is great, the ambience is great, but the gameplay is kinda boring. Combat is very repetitive, and usually involves quick reaction to something coming your way.

The plot also feels kind of thin, there's not much relationship building for the main character, you're just expected to accept it.

I thought the intro was the best part of the game, the middle section was a slog, and the final boss fight was awful. If you die in any section of a chapter, you have to re-pickup the consumables/materials up to the last checkpoint.

I don't recommend buying this game unless you enjoy QTEs. It's also kind of short.
Posted February 21.
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33.9 hrs on record (1.2 hrs at review time)
Beautiful colors, very intense and emotional.

Updating review later

[update mar 2022]

Ok so I finished it.

I would give it a 4/5. The scope of the game is smaller than LIS1 and 2, so there's not as much world exploration. For that matter LIS2 was almost too big, really felt like you were drivebying people and locations so there's no time to learn about the characters.

LIS3 goes back to the MC having the power, which makes things a bit more interesting for the player.

Gameplay: 4/5 - mostly fetch style quests, but the usual "examine everything" is still in place. This is hard to improve after LIS1 given the core gameplay of LIS1 gives you a million options to do things.

Sound: 5/5 - probably some of the best music the series has seen.

Graphics: 4/5 - the environments look fantastic, but the characters seem to be a little blurry or overly smooth at times. I'm running this on a 5900x with a 3090 so everything is maxed.

Plot: 3/5 - gets very predictable almost from the start of the game.

Overall score: 4/5.

It's pretty good, though it's really short. Get it on sale for a good story/movie game, the environments look amazing.

Also, support Asian American media!
Posted November 29, 2021. Last edited March 22.
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12.9 hrs on record (9.8 hrs at review time)
As of 2021 this game no longer works, crashes at startup due to some DLL issues which were never fixed.
Posted August 30, 2021.
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57.4 hrs on record
Really tried, the weird ghost combat/prediction thing is too random and just boring to play.
Posted August 24, 2021.
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48.9 hrs on record
I don't recommend this game.

I actually pre-ordered this, as I'm a huge fan of the old Xuan Yuan Jian Series; I enjoyed Gates of Firmament even though the combat was very bad, the story made up for it. I played this game in Chinese (audio/subtitles, which don't have a text skip option so you have to wait for audio tracks to finish playing or skip the entire cutscene).

In-Depth Explanation:

XYS series has always been well-respected for it's plot development, the gameplay has been on and off (with the migration to 3D gameplay basically killing all elements of FUN because this studio seems to not really have the skill to manage 3D development). So let's start with the plot, your character starts off as a caretaker of his sister, the advancement of the story is closely linked to this situation, thus the entire game can be summed up as "hero tries to save the sister". This is the entire plot of the game. There is no over-arching goal to defeat evil, save the world, learn about other cultures, visit other countries (which was common in other XYS games), this game is just "save the sister". This plot is delivered through a strict on-rails story advancement.

Zones are divided by fast-travel statues but these statues are quite far apart and if you need to backtrack it is a huge pain in the ass because movement is so slow. This also made backtracking a pain in the ass for certain quests. Save points are divided by campsites, but these camp sites are also far apart so if you have been battling or making progress and die, you roll back pretty far into the past. This became a problem towards mid game as a lot of cliffs aren't barriered so you can accidentally fall off while doing some pseudo-platforming, this would roll you back to your last save point.

On the topic of quests, there aren't very many, there's very few side quests in this game; the previous game had hundreds. Off the top of my head, there is the mini-game zhuluqi side quest, a rumors gathering quest, and a few fetch quests.

Some XYS tradition/legacy stuff that was missing, you don't get to use the namesake sword until NG+. There's not really a demon-crafting/mixing system, the way it's done this time around is a basic crafting system based on harvesting souls which you then combine to create a demon for equipping. There's a lot less creativity because of significantly fewer items/demon types in the game, and you can't use demons to craft (only souls and item materials). DOMO Studio has only 1 interaction other than the 4 zhuluqi games, there are no DOMO side quests (which are a tradition in the other games).

The environment/art/models look great, NPCs look like garbage, but the monsters look really good, especially the bosses. This feels super underutilized though because nothing is really "fleshed out". Some of the towns look amazing, but there's nobody to interact with. Mountain mazes look great, but they're a 1 time visit/usage location.


Music: 10/10, it's fantastic. XYS never disappoints with sound, and the music/effects in this game are fantastic.

Graphics: 8/10, the environments look great (when they render properly). Bosses look amazing, overall ambience development is great. 2D art is a 10/10. The problem is that this game is VERY POORLY OPTIMIZED. Also some weird issues with reflections/shadows.

Gameplay: 4/10, this game was designed as an ARPG (first in the series), and it's a very, very, bad ARPG. You have the standard Souls-like combat movements, dodge/roll, normal attack+combo, heavy/special attack+combo, block. You can change to an alternate stance which changes your special attack, and you can level up your specials for super-moves on cooldown. Movement overall however, is very sluggish, you don't feel "fast" even when sprinting, and it's a slog to move zone to zone.

Plot/Story: 4/10, the story in this game is a disaster, there's very little investment in the characters such that it feels almost like an afterthought when there's some sort of plot filler in idle/rest dialogue.

The main thing is that this game feels unfinished; feels like they had all these great ideas, great environments, great (in theory) combat system, but everything falls short of being a "good" experience. You enter a really cool town... but there's nothing to interact with. You go into a very beautifully rendered mountain maze, but there's nothing in it. You have a weapon that you can upgrade and the closeup is really cool... but you can barely see it in actual combat. You have teammates that you can customize... but you can't control them, and the enemy ignores them so what's the point of upgrading? Everything just feels incomplete, and honestly this game is a huge disappointment, and really kills what trust I have left in this company.

Final Note:
I really think this company is just milking its fans at this point. I own physical collectors editions of previous games in the series and some of the stuff the company does is just pathetic. In recent years I've only been buying on Steam (albeit still pre-ordering), and the game experiences has left me with "meh" feelings in the end. I 100% do not recommend buying physical copies of any Softstar games; my physical copies came with keys that were eventually disabled because my desktop updated from Win10 1709 to 1909, and the company said "well it is your fault for updating your computer". I was able to eventually finish the games on Steam and no longer support them through their own stores.

Overall: 6.5/10
Posted February 17, 2021. Last edited February 17, 2021.
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101.9 hrs on record (92.6 hrs at review time)
This is the first time I've 100%'d a game this quickly.

Ryza 2 was a blast and even more fun than Ryza 2; for the most part I find Atelier story lines to be quite boring, not really a fan of slice of life games, however Ryza 1 and 2 both got me hooked through the crafting aspects of the games.

When I play an MMO, the thing that consumes most of my time isn't the plot, or the leveling, or the quest grinding, it is really the crafting/blacksmithing that gets me hooked. Atelier Ryza 1 and 2 both got that down pat.

Ryza 2 (via plot) expands upon the crafting and makes certain things more sensible (with reason, via plot gate-locks) and makes the crafting/smithing/alchemy a delight to play. The sound effects, music, and overall crafting system got me hooked from the get go. My hours at this time says 92.6, I would argue 80 hours alone were spent crafting various items/gears/seeds etc. that were unnecessary to advance the plot. It's that good.

The plot itself is basic slice-of-life fare, the combat isn't very difficult (I actually played most of the game on easy/normal because I hate grinding levels). However the crafting really hooked me in, I found myself working on expanding the recipe trees "just cuz" and ended up super overpowered because I had managed to accidentally min/max weapons 1/3 of the way through the story. But you know what, that's crafting for ya.

I personally enjoy Stardew, Don't Starve, Recettear, various farming/vending/smithing type games, but the one thing that always keeps me hooked is the blacksmithing and crafting aspect. And for that, Ryza is the game of choice.

  • Gameplay: 10/10 (based off crafting)
  • Music: 10/10 (sound effects are great, music is pretty good, the transitions keep you "in the mood")
  • Combat: 5/10 (it's actually pretty bad, action focused combat but the monsters are super easy to kill even on the highest difficulty. Also Rose Bomb (a 2nd tier bomb) is overtuned and does more damage than any other bomb in the game. If you min/max a bomb, you can 1 hit KO all of the bosses as well).
  • Story: 6/10, it's not bad, but ultimately it's your average slice-of-life fare, while Ryza 1's story was a "growing up" deal, Ryza 2 is more of a "self-discovery, oh this is who I really am" which doesn't really have a huge climax or pay off. You do learn about some interesting history in the line of Alchemists though, which I'm not sure is canon to the remainder of the series.

    Final Score: 31/40. I recommend this game.
Posted February 13, 2021.
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