H0lt /DRev/
Dirk   Federated State Of Micronesia, United States
I shall snackrifice the toasted souls of my enemies for the breakfasts of the elder Valvecraftian gods!


King Bounty The Ledgend
Bit.Trip runner
The Adventures of Shuggy

I will take offers in tf2 items or other steam games.


Oh Snap!: So can. I buy ur duels
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: no
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: im saving them. Im gonna get that hat
Oh Snap!: Wat hat
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: even if it have to face rape all of valve
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: u get a hat for winning the most duels in one day
Oh Snap!: Woah shit
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: its awesome
Oh Snap!: Ooh
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: and its a top had which means im obsesed with it
Oh Snap!: U know that to do that u need to actually use them
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: yea
Oh Snap!: So
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: i dont have enough to be absolutely sure ill get it yet
Oh Snap!: Who r u gonna use em on
Oh Snap!: Ok
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: once i can do 500 in a day im doing it
Oh Snap!: Oh wow
Oh Snap!: Ok
Oh Snap!: Brb
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: im gonna play on the railbait servers for 24 hours jacked on amphetamines chanlanging one person every round and face raping them with my scout pyro demo and soldier
Holt Gofuk Urscoot: THERE WILL BE BLOOD
Oh Snap!: Lol!!!
Oh Snap!: Ur funny
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Waz up mate still SDC?
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I mean i guess he cool....
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Holt is life
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Holt is my lord and master
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Hail Master H0lt!
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Master tell me your bidding!