Do I need to?   Victoria, Australia
Want to be my friend? Here are the rules

1. No NSFW ( anything related to that honestly ).
2. Be nice.
3. No racism.
4. No rude behaviour.
5. If you're that type of person who threatens people because they have a different opinion, then definitely no.
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-Info n' stuff-

I'm an artist who usually makes posters in Garry's Mod, i'm also an Editor, Animator, and Porter! I like playing Garry's Mod, GNOG and Portal 2. I don't really identify into the splatoon community, I just like the game itself and the characters, although I do make random characters just for fun, and maybe use them in some of my artwork. I can also be a chatterbox sometimes, and yeah i'm a girl. Also I don't role play, just because, I don't like it. You can do it with your friends I don't mind, but just not me, i'm not that type of person that's all :P Just a little fact, i've been playing Garry's Mod for quite awhile, ik not very interesting, but just a fact.

Playing games on here, making status posts, talking with friends and other stuff!

School, sleeping, watching youtube, taking a rest and other stuff.

What type of music genres do you like?
I don't know if these type of questions would be common, but I mainly just like pop and upbeat stuff, or really catchy music that's repetitive, for example, Fly Octo Fly and Shark Bytes( Both from Off The Hook ) Crush and Regret ( Both from Dedf1sh ), so yeah I really like Splatoon soundtracks.

What are other things that you like doing, other than making posters?
I mainly like doing Drawing, making people smile and over all having a good time!

Can I trade with you?
No sorry, i'm not a trader. I'm not into that type of stuff, besides I don't have a lot of cards, or none tbh.

Some other stuff
I can sometimes be very curious about some stuff, like how someone did something in Garry's Mod or what someone just did. I cannot tell personal information to certain people, only to people I know irl. I have Blender but I didn't download it here, I downloaded it from its offical site.

Can I add you?
It depends whenever we have talked for awhile, I don't accept random people, but maybe if you're lucky I might accept you depending if i've seen you somewhere before, but if you're a random person and you just came across me, just give me a nice reason to friend me ^-^ I also don't accept traders, i'm not into trading.

What type of computer do you use?
I wouldn't really expect these type of questions, but I mainly use Mac Pro, but rarely on PC, hoping to maybe play on PC sometime.

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Because profiteroles taste good
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Eggy why you Change yo Name?
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huh what happened
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Thank you :D
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