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- Mastery of the dark arts :hate:
- A penchant for learning and memory of that which is learned :chat:
- Dark ritual that raises frail corpses to fight former friends :dizombie:
- Steals enchantments from foes to give to friends :Hand_Garrett:
- Siphons negative energies from a friend onto a foe :hand:
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Eden Rising: Supremacy is a first of its kind. From Nvizzio, it’s a persistent world co-op open world Action RPG tower defense game. It’s equal parts Orcs Must Die and Conan Exiles, but without the dong slider. There’s no thirst, hunger, or any other survival mularkey, and yet the game sets you out to explore, gather, and craft in the name of defending your home base. It’s addictive, difficult, and should be on your radar if you like co-op action games with persistent worlds.

After a brief intro and some backstory, Eden Rising plunks you down in game with a starter weapon and sends you off on the (skippable) tutorial. I highly recommend not skipping it though, as it’ll give you the basics of both combat and building, and as well as gathering and crafting. The core gameplay loop in Eden Rising: Supremacy is tight as can be. You go out, gather materials, fight baddies, and go back to base with your loot to craft defenses and new gear to make fighting the waves of monsters easier.

There are only 8 players per server at Early Access launch, with 16 being the goal for full launch. It’s a co-op game, not a PVP game, so you likely wouldn’t need more. Your tribe is everyone on the server, all working persistently towards upgrading your base (Crucible), and unlocking more tech, in order to explore more of the world and uncover its narrative bits as you go.

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il est excellent je te le conseille les yeux fermé :rnt_ranger:
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Alors il est comment ce zodiac âge?:Stab:
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