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:denied: DON’T:yubi: add me and ask for a price. :sadmoon:
:approved: DO:yubi: send a trade offer by clicking this. :csgo_ez:
i am the loneliest man alive
but i keep on dancing to throw em off
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You ever get an ace after you died?
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(Feel free to offer.)
Игрален колекционер
Send me a trade offer.
I'm trading anything if the price is right. Lots of Katos and Harp of War Holos.
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fayen 20 юли в 23:56 
quit walking around the entire map you weirdo
shitass 11 май в 13:47 
im silver 1 and he is global, we became friends but i got him on wingman, nice matchmaking volvo
blubaustin 28 ян. в 18:51 
+rep really nice guy. Would play with again.
unnamedy 21 дек. 2019 в 22:05 
add me for trade :cleanhourglass:
Arrow 5 дек. 2019 в 17:37 
adding to trade for your harp of war skins
moorland 21 ноем. 2019 в 6:51 
added for trade :)