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Welcome to Steam Community 101! This is an ongoing step-by-step guide outlining how to get started with and use the Steam Community. We'll try to keep you updated on changes and features as they're made available.

Don't forget to check out our official
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LordZephyrX 23 тра о 6:21 
Can you answer a quick question about "Outfitter"? I know you're working on the "can't see the icon" issue, but is there a short term fix to this? or some way to make it re-appear instead of waiting for the next update? Preferably without altering files on my computer, cause it's a primal piece of crap and frankly I'm sad to play Gmod on it but I work with what I got lol
Cobrafeet 9 тра о 11:20 
Adding with the problem with translations.
Anatrax 29 кві о 5:11 
Hey dude i appreciate that you actually listened to me, maybe we can play sometime.
Rullisi 1 кві о 2:07 
+rep fixed my game
Cain 28 бер о 21:52 
Signed by Cain <3 You're welcome!
Alcatraz 6 лют о 10:24 
I'd like to ask about Arabic translation.