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Создано: KillahInstinct, ianskate, Jimo, Tito Shivan, и Felix
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Welcome to Steam Community 101! This is an ongoing step-by-step guide outlining how to get started with and use the Steam Community. We'll try to keep you updated on changes and features as they're made available.

Don't forget to check out our official
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k00klovod 10 ноя в 10:08 
Здравствуй, не знаю Английский досконально так что буду общаться на знакомом Русском. Вопрос, есть ли возможность продвинуть проект WRMMORPG через ресурсы Steam. И есть ли возможность сотрудничать с компанией Valve с сохранением авторских прав над проектом и на каких условиях. Буду рад услышать ответ:steamhappy:
M4rtiX 31 окт в 13:24 
HavE a NicE HalloweeN:2016roasted:
wishes M4rtiX
SenorGrande 1 окт в 11:03 
Hello. I think you change the fake and real Steam login page videos in your post here:
larph raulen 21 сен в 20:10 
added to see if you can help me with a problem
~Ren~ 13 сен в 22:53 
I'll make a suggestion if I can guurgle. Valve need to do something about these blatant scam sites being used as a user name, the forum rules are quite clear, no advertising yet here we are, blatant advertising at its worst and the mods are powerless to prevent it because they'd be editing posts all day and wouldn't even be close to catching up.
Vault Hunter 101 13 сен в 17:13 
Ah! Thanks for letting me know

I hope valve will get rid somehow of those scams so people will stop getting hijacked all the time ^^;

Thanks and have a good day/night!