Augustin IV. "Gusta" Nový   Domazlice, Plzensky Kraj, Czech Republic

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Nerd since he was born, also has weird fetishes
I like to work with computers; fixing, building, you get the idea.
I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Age: 17
Aligment: Chaotic Neutral
Cat or Dog: Cat!
Coke or Pepsi: Kofola?
Kit Kat or Snickers: Depends on the mood
Sonic or Mario: Spyro
Deal or no deal: Seal
Favorite Undertale music: Hopes and Dreams

Notable work:
P90 Pyrocynical
Australium Ham Shank , de_gjsb

Rank: Executioner 2 (Rank 8)
Classes: Scout, Demo, Pyro
Maps: Gorge, Swiftwater, Snakewater

Rank: Gold 2
Role: Rifle, AWP, Lurk, sometimes IGL
Maps: Dust2, Mirage, Cache, Inferno, Nuke, Cobblestone

PC Specs
CPU: AMD A8-6600K @4.5GHz
GPU: AMD RX 460 @1.36Ghz
RAM: Kingston HyperX 8GB @1600MHz
PSU: SS500ET-Bronze 500W
HDD: 500GB + 2TB Seagate HDDs
Case: Zalman ZM-T4
Monitor: AOC e2070Swn
Mouse: A4Tech Bloody V7 Ultra Core 2 @800dpi, 3 in-game sens
Keyboard: Genius GX GAMING K-215
Microphone: Trust Starzz

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List of cheaters (2018):

Nothing stokes my ire like a cheater. Deception, duplicity, murder -- these are merely tools in a toolbox one can use to ensure a job done well. But cheating? I cannot even wrap my head around the point of it. Wouldn't you know you had cheated? How on Earth could you maintain crisp certainty of your superiority to all others? And if you're unable to do that, what's the point of anything?
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1 school, 3 bombsites

The students just had enough of this school and plan to destroy it, will you help them or will you join the British lads and prevent the impending doom?
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AKA What to do when a hacker joins

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