holy smokes
Houston, Texas, United States

now you're just somebody that i used to know.


"Where You Movin?" I Said, "Onto Better Things"

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

I Could Really Go For A Nap Right Now.

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sl 22 JUL a las 2:34 a. m. 
She Gotta Get On This Rocket
obama quebec 13 JUL a las 8:09 p. m. 
kura is a beast
sakura 12 JUL a las 3:45 p. m. 
Kura best anime pfp always.
👻 5 JUL a las 2:08 a. m. 
          |\/  ヽ/|
      _|       ∠
      \   __   >
      <   /:::::::::::::|   \
      イ/|/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄V\| ̄
       f^V Tl・lヽ  ィl・lTY^}
       Vハ  ̄ 、 ,  ̄ |/
     //ハ彡   _   ミハ
    // // > ´ `   イ--┤
   //  .// |::::::` 丁 ´::::::::|、_
   く/   //_/:::::::::||::::::::::::::::\
naruto has summon you join in his ninja clan!! send this to 5 of your best friends to join in ninja clan and be top ninja in leaf town. only true ninja work with naruto and learn how to use double team. are you one of the ninja?
newesttypetech 5 JUL a las 2:08 a. m. 
believe it
obama quebec 4 JUL a las 11:19 a. m. 
hey mate. send friend request. i'ts me david .