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Time to delete stickies and change fight outcomes.

My condolences if you were killed by a crit quickie sticky.

dead channel

garbo frag video
ok frag video

loser pov []

Clashe - Gifted me a strange stickybomb launcher (with parts, rich)
Narwhal - Gifted me a key (wah so rich)
Deceptive - Gifted me a strange killstreak stickybomb launcher, a strange bottle, and a strange cosmetic (wtf rich kid)
mtndrew - Gifted me a genuine killstreak original and an unusual taunt (wtf?)

9:20 PM - hologrpic LFP div3 afc14: Gimme REALLY NICE PEOPLE
9:20 PM - hologrpic LFP div3 afc14: For letting u farm me in mge long ago
9:20 PM - hologrpic LFP div3 afc14: And add (he beats me now) after it

(TEAM) Mr Thrive : Actually we have 17 players because Fade counts as 0

nepalman2712 : !add
nepalman2712 (1968) joins arena Badlands Middle.
nepalman2712 : oh
nepalman2712 : xD
nepalman2712 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
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Commit genocide on filthy xeno scum by eating them as a species of intellectual hive mind devouring swarm space cockroaches on a ringworld you built as an alien concentration camp.

Because why not.
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