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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 13 @ 11:00am


Complete the mission "Homebound".
Unlocked Oct 14 @ 11:02am


Complete the mission "Vestige".
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 10:34am


Complete the mission "Contact".
Unlocked Oct 13 @ 11:54am

Charged Extraction

Complete the mission "Charged Extraction".
Unlocked Oct 14 @ 10:23am

Research And Rescue

Complete the mission ”Research And Rescue".
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 10:09am

Black Site

Complete the mission ”Black Site".
Unlocked Oct 13 @ 9:37am


First Deployment.
Unlocked Oct 13 @ 11:00am

I Don't Bleed

Complete a mission without using a Health Stim.
Unlocked Oct 13 @ 11:00am

Can't Touch This

Complete a mission without any on the team having to respawn.

Paper Work

Complete 10 Contracts.


Complete 20 Contracts.


Complete 40 Contracts.

Guess Who's Back

Respawn 20 times.

Can't Stop Me

Respawn 40 times.

Unstoppable Force

Respawn 100 times.


Deploy 10 times.


Deploy 20 times.


Deploy 50 times.


Deploy 100 times.

Serial Killer

Kill 750 Enemies.

Mass Murderer

Kill 2000 Enemies.


Kill 6666 Enemies.

Death From Above

Kill 20 Enemies with Supply Drops.

Precision Strike

Kill a T-Rex with a Supply Drop.

Treasure Seeker

Find the golden egg.

Armed To The Teeth

Unlock all perks for one weapon.

A New Pet

Take a raptor with you when you extract.

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