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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:45pm


win your first season
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 1:09pm

in like a lamb, out like a lion

complete a daily event
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 1:09pm


finish a stage during rain
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 1:13pm

where is the stage?

finish a stage during fog
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:25pm

car wash

go through the car wash
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:41pm

keep it tidy

complete a stage without damaging the car
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 1:13pm


get terminal damage
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:26pm

light attack

reach 100 km/h
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 1:13pm

medium attack

reach 150 km/h
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:43pm

good drivers have dead flies on the side windows

spend 5 minutes sliding
Unlocked Oct 20 @ 12:44pm


win a rally against master ai with severe damage simulation


complete all group 2 seasons

rwd only

complete all group 3 seasons


complete all group 4 seasons


complete all group b seasons

parallel universe

complete all group s seasons


complete all group a seasons


find all collectibles in korkatti lakes


find all collectibles in san pietro island


find all collectibles in kanto mountains


find all collectibles in gimsøymyrene


find all collectibles in mannebach

real roads, real fast

complete a weekly event

parking lot

unlock all bonuses in career

night ride

finish a stage at night


finish a stage while it's snowing

the artist

go through the paint booth

barely keeping it together

complete a stage with a near totalled car

to finish first, first you must finish

complete 20 rallies
3 / 20

comfy seats

drive 500km with one vehicle

if everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough

complete 1000 stages
11 / 1,000


dirty a vehicle to the fullest extent

maximum attack

reach 200 km/h


spend 5 minutes airborne

bicycle race

drive on 2 wheels for 3 seconds

group b

finish a race while on fire

you can't treat a car like a human being. a car requires love

roll 30 times
0 / 30

absolute drift

finish a stage driving the original at night in japan

food tour: pretzel

drive a german car in germany

food tour: pasta

drive an italian car in italy

you're here for a good time, not a long time

drive the fujin for 555km

if in doubt, flat out!

hold the accelerator for 60 seconds

master of rally

complete the game