lil greedy gang
💓 [/h1]

*im not a scammer, i borrowed my friend this account and he hacked on it (csgo) now i’m vac banned, but i’m definitely not a bad boi, so add me*

I am a Professional kill a watt Medic / lime scunt / lime sniper

Teehee! I am a professional medic player (I also play a lil bit of sniper and scunt). I play with my Soldier boyfriend all the time! He has a huge bulge OwO and he is a professional soldier main! uwu

My soldier boyfriend is Onyx! He is very good and hot! owo i shove a kritskerg up his ass at all times and i ONLY HEAL HIM. He has a unusual rocket launcher signed by FROYO b4nny! that’s so cool right <3 me and him are lightning buddies

all memes aside———————-
I’m just a salty boi playing tf2, generally being edgy motherfucker goodie boi, i usually just join a community server and dick around for a while, feel free to join me haha.
here is the ip:
feel free to come dick around w me and onyx boy
i watch soundsmith, spikeymikey and PyroJoe
i miss muselk, Blu
i love Onyx
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🌊ELPY🌊 Sep 14 @ 11:57am 
BIG GAY Sep 11 @ 2:03pm 
Hi! Im working on your poster in sfm but i need to ask you some questions. Feel free to message me when you are around:narumi:
Tyleos Sep 2 @ 4:09pm 
wtb powerjack
♫DJ Kirazuto♫ Sep 2 @ 4:52am 
+rep healt heavy pink guy
Hotspur Slayer Sep 1 @ 8:02pm 
Added to buy the spec hammer. Will pay 20 pure for it
♡ Riin ♡ Sep 1 @ 6:33am 
added haha lmfao +rep i love to steal his sniper rifle HAHA