Mike   Chicago, Illinois, United States
My discord is Grubbsy#1775
Feel free to dm me on discord!
I have 2 ok-ish skins
Check my inv
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Hotline Miami
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CoLD Community
---/$$$$$$-------------------/$$-----------/$$$$$$$----- Info for the Server:
- /$$__-$$-------------------|$$-----------| $$__ -$$------ Website: https://coldcommunity.com/forum/
-| $$----\__/----/$$$$$$---|$$-----------| $$----\ $$------Discord: https://discord.gg/VmXUQek
-| $$------------/$$__ -$$--|$$-----------| $$----| $$-----CSGO: steam://connect/
-| $$-----------| $$-----\ $$-|$$-----------| $$----| $$ -----HL2DM: steam://connect/
-| $$-----$$|--|$$------| $$-|$$-----------| $$-----| $$-----------------------------------------------------------------------
-| $$$$$$/---|-$$$$$$ /--|-$$$$$$$$-|-$$$$$$$/-----SUGGESTIONS ON WEBSITE FOR CSGO DEV
-\______/ -- \______/---|________/ |_______/ ------HOPEFULLY UNIQUE, COOL, SUGGESTIONS
What is CoLD?
CoLD Community is an RP community based in HL2DM with it's active community. It has great staff members and players. The servers receive constant updates to add more and balance their games even more. Feel free to stop by anytime and more info for the server will be listed in my profile description, if there is anything happening.
CoLD Community's CSGO server is a new-ish server that is going to be a new RP game in it's self. The mode features many things that most other RP servers have never even done or considered. It has drug plants that stay when you disconnect and a key renting system for homes that is built in. The staff on the server is small because it is really new so if you want to see it shine and have more updates please join on and get playing. It has some activities to do already but if you want more make some suggestions! Tutorial Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OImNf_qtVp0
The Half Life 2 Death match server this community has been running has been around for a LONG time. In fact, it'll be turning ten years old in a few months! It's got so much in order to really encapsulate it's fun style you'd have to go in there yourself. Basically this server is the base of what LiteRP is today, maybe even why DarkRp is but I'm not sure about that.

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Henlo from KFC cuz I usually eat BÖrgers At BÖrger King
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Cool dude but voice needs to be a little deeper