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So i just cleared my friend list and due to the increased amount of assholery all around i won't be accepting adds unless its for a trade (read the below mentioned rules 1st) or if i actually know you personally. I won't be adding anymore unknown people for the sake of it. However i am removing the restriction on my comment section so kindly post there first "mentioning clearly the reason" if you need my help with something or if it's regarding a trade , before sending me an add so i know why are you adding me.

If you are adding me for a trade please go through the below mentioned rules and links beforehand in order to avoid wastage of time.

My Rules:

:eye: I do not give +rep unless it is cash trade
:eye: Do not invite me to random cheesy groups.
:eye: Do not ask for free stuff
:eye: I will not trade with marked scammers on SteamREP
:eye: I accept items as a form of payment, but it has to be an overpay.
:eye: Be polite and I will be too :)
:eye: I can reserve items for you but you have to pay some deposit
:eye: I can accept cash but that will be at my disposal , i only will sell for cash if i really need cash.

:eye: Send me Trade Offer when I am offline


Useful Links :

:redorb: Tf2Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com]
:redorb: Bazaar [bazaar.tf]
:redorb: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198053233649
:redorb: Money Trades Rep [backpack.tf]
:redorb: http://rep.tf/76561198053233649

:displash: Admin at -GoV- Community TF2

:Clot: Former Admin at The Spycrabians Community and Servers
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Beware of Impersonators !
If you are here thinking i "scammed" you , sorry to disappoint you it was one of my impersonator. Please know more about them here and spread the word :

:displash: Backpack : http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/47521-how-an-impersonator-can-be-such-a-pain

:displash:Reddit : https://redd.it/40yr7p

:csgoskull:Impersonator : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198165786574

There can be others too so trade carefully.

:Survive: How to identify an impersonator : https://steamrep.com/tips/pretrade


How to know Real Groovypanda :

:first_star:Admin at -GoV- Community
:first_star:GoV Community Admin in SteamRep
:first_star:Past Admin at the Spycrabians Trading Servers
:first_star:4+ Years on Steam
:first_star:2000+ Hours in TF2
:first_star:250+ games on steam
:first_star:Steam level 100
:first_star:Premium on Tf2Outpost
:first_star:Steam Rep Donator Tier - III
:first_star:300+ #333 items
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That moment of realization for Supes , that he messed up with the wrong guy
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There are many different types of scams in TF2. Some you heard of, some you may have fell for, and some you never thought existed. Don't worry! By the end of this guide, you will know most (if not all) of the scams in TF2 and how to avoid them.
IceSoloCome 28 mag, ore 7:14 
Dear admin, another steam “admin” for you to ban. He even disguise as your group member. Don't worry I didn't lose any of my items and I'm just playing with him a little bit ;)
here is his/her profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/officialjustingenerol23485/

Thx for reading this and have a nice day.
bjorkz 10 apr, ore 11:25 
Can you please add me, I have a question.
double donk 8 apr, ore 0:10 
Can you please help me to ban this scammer and get my items back. Profiles: https://steamcommunity.com/id/STEAMDEVELOPER2476345645345
Note: Please send a friend request to me when you have a solution to this. Thanks.
-GoV- Groovypanda 2 mar, ore 23:41 
@ayndre sorry to dissapoint but daddy's home.
Hy, i head you are collecting 333 Craft numbered items, i got an ornament armament, i would like to ask, what would be the price on this one? (painted)