I took a personality test [](spoiler: im introverted as hec. I've taken this test 5 times over the past year and ive gotten this every time. It's pretty accurate)
FestiveBeanBag♥ (beanstie) 5 hours ago BIG FAT c o c k
10:43 PM - Goggles: IM A SUGAY PLUM
Nulus : Morbid image of an autistic dog drowning

New pc as smooth as a babys butt cheeks

I love rain and snow !

Huge nature/animal lover (I reeeeally want to go sight seeing around the world so bad (um, who doesnt?) i dream about it soo much. Some place with a lotta beautiful mountains ya know. Ironically tho, im terrrified of heights and like oceans/deep water)

I love to run, it's the best thing ever. The feeling right before, during and the hours after a long run are what i live for currently; they're incredible. It keeps my mind intact. Im not myself without it
i like yoga too
Just exercise in general is what keeps me sane and stable. It's literally my therapy

I loooove shane dawson
I love food :^)
Also music. music is great- feel free to send me anything you’re currently listening to cus i love it. I don’t judge <3
Current Favorite Jam(Don't kill me pls)
🎶Take me away, sunray🎶

Cant wait to get my heckin braces off- 7/12/18
I dont have very good memory, pretty forgetful oops

O and ya since I have much more free time now cus the summerrrr im gonna try learning some ukulele! I love the sound of it. I'm really bad with rhythm in general especially music stuff and i've never played a musical instrument in my life except when i played guitar hero when i was like 7 so it'll be a fun challenge for me B)

I love my friends

Your imagination lets you see into the future

Take things as they are
Not what you think they should be

Happiness is not owed to anyone

My lil sugar plums :mm_love: (doesnt include irl sugar plums)
Death Eater:lovekami_heart:
*In alphabetical order so no one thinks i love (insert person here) more than (insert person here)
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Groovy✰ <: blank would get scammed
☢DeAth EaTeR☢: OH
☢DeAth EaTeR☢: B?

12:00 AM - BeanBag♥✧: Ur perfect

[VIP] Eoshnaf : I feel so sorry for ur dick with an arm like that

BeanBag♥✧ : DID A fucking iroqious indian break into your house and start beating you? lmao thats what it sounded like

8:41 PM - Prettyboy: dude who and what is mr fish doing
8:41 PM - Prettyboy: my head is hurting even more
8:41 PM - Groovy♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ: o
8:41 PM - Groovy♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ: i forgot about that guy
8:42 PM - Groovy♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ: idk who he is
8:42 PM - Groovy♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ: looks like he injected cocaine in his butth0le
8:42 PM - Groovy♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ: severe case
8:43 PM - Prettyboy: Crack cocaine?

10:08 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: im gunna get hte duccy hat
10:08 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: pham
10:08 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: r e q u i r e m e n t
10:08 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: duccy hat
10:08 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: yeah
10:08 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: required
10:08 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: unless you were in the tourny
10:09 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: which
10:09 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: is just us
10:09 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: :bernie:
10:09 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: :bernie:
10:09 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: n1ghty
10:09 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: n 1
10:09 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: imgine the duccy hat goes up and loads of pple join the grou
10:09 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: up in price
10:09 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: thatd be pretty stupid, funny, and a waste of money
10:10 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: but mostly a waste of money
10:10 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: anyway
10:10 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: nighty
10:10 PM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: 00f

11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: that was fun
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: LOL
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: very nasty stuff
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: nighty boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: :bernie:
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: nighty
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: but it was fun tho
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: have to
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: admite
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: i know what im gonnna watch tonight
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: heh
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: admit*
11:03 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: hehehhe
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: very exciting
11:03 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: hehehehe
11:04 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: who knew watching porn with friends is FUN
11:04 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: !!!
11:04 PM - groovy✰⒝ᶰᵈ #Nulus: LOPL

12:23 AM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: Korean name :
12:23 AM - BeanBag♥✰⒝ᶰᵈ♫: ho lee fuc

9:07 PM - BeanBag♥✧ has changed their name to blAck Tyrone.
*DEAD* [Member D35] blAck Tyrone : i though u said '' i loved being penetrated by a black taylor swift''
9:18 PM - blAck Tyrone has changed their name to Indian Street Shitter.
9:19 PM - Indian Street Shitter has changed their name to Black name: ""Shithead"".
*DEAD* [Member D36] Black name: ""Shithead : not shit head, shith ead
*DEAD* [Member D36] Black name: ""Shithead : pronounced ''SHITH-EAD''

BιzαяяєBℓιzzαя∂ - Today at 11:53 PM
you know
I had an idea for you
think you could make a bit of money doing it
leg porn

6:12 PM - BeanBag♥✧: ill use a hotdog to cut myself

*DEAD* [Member F42] BeanBag♥ : top10
*DEAD* [Member F42] BeanBag♥ : i need a noose
[MaxDB] Groovy✰im a deer died to a rocket traveling 158 MPH!
[Chief F48] Groovy✰im a deer : r o p e
[SM] Thirdperson view will be enabled when you spawn.
[Member F42] BeanBag♥ : 1
[Member F42] BeanBag♥ : god
[Member F42] BeanBag♥ : damn
[Member F42] BeanBag♥ : more
Want a snow aura? Simply put MaxDB in your name!
[Chief F48] Groovy✰im a deer : LOL
[Member F42] BeanBag♥ : then i leave

7:51 PM - BeanBag♥✧: that
7:52 PM - BeanBag♥✧: scarred
7:52 PM - BeanBag♥✧: the absolute
7:52 PM - BeanBag♥✧: fucking shit
7:52 PM - BeanBag♥✧: out of me
7:52 PM - BeanBag♥✧: no fuck you

9:06 PM - BeanBag♥✧: k
9:06 PM - BeanBag♥✧: im dippping
9:06 PM - Groovy✰ deer: w0t
9:06 PM - BeanBag♥✧: nvm
9:06 PM - BeanBag♥✧: im in
9:07 PM - Groovy✰ deer: skinny dipping
9:07 PM - BeanBag♥✧: ive done that

8:13 PM - Groovy✰big juice: uhhhh
8:13 PM - Groovy✰big juice: i dont like jello
8:13 PM - BeanBag♥: im sorry
8:13 PM - BeanBag♥: we
8:13 PM - Groovy✰big juice: !
8:13 PM - BeanBag♥: cant be friends anymore

8:20 PM - BeanBag♥: you said u didnt like jello
8:20 PM - BeanBag♥: thats a sin

11:06 PM - Ʀɳƅɯ Belt: i'll heck you up groovy

*DEAD* [Member D40] BeanBag♥ : and i fucking laughed and sneezed at the same time
*DEAD* [Member D40] BeanBag♥ : god dammit groovy
[MaxDB] Greg crazy died to a rocket traveling 119 MPH!
*DEAD* [Member D40] BeanBag♥ : everything fuckng sticky cus of the soer
*DEAD* [Member D40] BeanBag♥ : soder

8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: u
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: have
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: wii?
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: omg
8:03 PM - Groovy✰big juice: yaS
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: O
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: M
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: Y
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: GOD
8:03 PM - BeanBag♥: WIIII BUDDIES

PinkChance : he read you like my mom read me a story when i was 5

12:00 AM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: MY
12:00 AM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: NUTS
12:00 AM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: ARE
12:00 AM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: ERECT

8:29 PM - BeanBag♥: OMG
8:29 PM - Groovy✰: LMAO
8:29 PM - Groovy✰: UR GENIUS

[Member D38] FestiveBeanBag♥ : nah
[Chief C48] Groovy✰bean's stalker : i du
[Member D38] FestiveBeanBag♥ : i play in the room in my house that makes
[Member D38] FestiveBeanBag♥ : carbon
[Member D38] FestiveBeanBag♥ : monocid

11:48 PM - FestiveBeanBag♥: I almost said something i might r eng r e y
11:48 PM - FestiveBeanBag♥: Regret
11:48 PM - Groovy✰i miss beeean: reng rey
11:48 PM - Groovy✰i miss beeean: LOL

9:44 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: I am at a point of friendship where I would slap your butt every second

9:09 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ] | MaxDB: I love you

10:55 PM - FestiveBeanBag♥: I L Y A ND I MIS YO

6:15 PM - FestiveBeanBag♥: OMFG YOU KNOW ME SO WELL

11:42 PM - Groovy✰ KNISHMAAASS: ty for all these years
11:42 PM - Groovy✰ KNISHMAAASS: of
11:42 PM - Groovy✰ KNISHMAAASS: memories
11:42 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ] too much man: i didnt do much man
11:43 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ] too much man: you are the amazing one
11:43 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ] too much man: dude

8:25 PM - BeanBag♥: cus
8:25 PM - BeanBag♥: i
8:25 PM - BeanBag♥: jiggle
9:51 PM - ❤ Yin ❤: someone tell me how a plate breaks on carpet
9:51 PM - ❤ Yin ❤: what the hell
9:50 PM - Groovy✰lesbiantoast: LOL

9:36 PM - BeanBag♥✧: wtf i just listend to a 20 min ad ab being a priest

4:33 PM - Groovbee✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: Honey is like
4:33 PM - Groovbee✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: Bee jizz
4:33 PM - Groovbee✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: Ya feel
4:33 PM - Groovbee✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: And i dunno hiw i feel about that
4:33 PM - Groovbee✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: A lil gey
4:37 PM - DT Champion: it aint gay
4:37 PM - DT Champion: if u wear socks

10:06 PM - BeanBag♥: THATS
10:06 PM - BeanBag♥: AUTSIM

11:17 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: FAKE
11:17 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: NEWS
11:18 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: BRB GOTTA TAKE
11:18 PM - [ ✰BLANK✰ ]: SHIT

4:13 PM - groovy✰succducc (cold): THIS
4:13 PM - groovy✰succducc (cold): TOURNEY
4:13 PM - groovy✰succducc (cold): SUCKS
4:13 PM - groovy✰succducc (cold): IM
4:13 PM - groovy✰succducc (cold): SUINGNG
4:12 PM - FestiveBean♥succducc: IKR
4:12 PM - FestiveBean♥succducc: IM SUING MATT

Luna - Today at 7:47 PM
they havent even given the final reviews yet
theyre like we'll give them to you on thursday or wednesday
bout to od on these vitamin gummies
going to eat 5 more b r b

12:52 AM - TF2♥FestiveBean♥TF2: ( ㅇ ㅗ ㅇ )

9:20 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: i m g a n n a g o f l i c k t h e b e a n
9:19 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: t a k e m e w i t h y o u
9:20 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: h o w

7:46 PM - BeanBag♥✧: ill
7:46 PM - BeanBag♥✧: send
7:46 PM - BeanBag♥✧: potatos
7:46 PM - BeanBag♥✧: to
7:46 PM - BeanBag♥✧: ur
7:46 PM - BeanBag♥✧: house

8:30 PM - BeanBag♥✧: I thought i had everyone on my side, but i blew it, all sky high. And now, she wont even spare a passing glance all just because i..... [Pants rip sound] Ripped my pants. When big Larry came 'round just to put him down, spongebob turned in-to a clown. And no girl Ever wants to dance with a fool who went and...[Pants rip sound] Ripped hhis pants. I know i should mope around, i shouldnt curse, but the pain feels so much worse. Cause windin up with no one is a lot less fun than a burn from the sun, or sand in your buns.. Now i learned a lesson i wont soon for-get, so listen and you wont regret, be true to yourself and dont miss your chance. And you wont end up like the f0000000l... Wh000000.. Ripped ... His... p0nts

GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: oh yes
Bantabulous: *gasp*
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: ill gasp your and oh no your right in the oh yes
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: oOK?
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ:
Bantabulous: oh no daddy
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ:
Bantabulous: take my oh yes like a good e grill
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: take my oh no oh yes oh no oh yes oh no to the judge
Bantabulous: the judge doesnt understand our oh no oh yes
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: oh yesrapeoh no
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: oh no
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: gasp
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: gasp in my oh no
Bantabulous: gasp in my yes
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: yes in my oh no gasp
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ:
Bantabulous: yes my gasp in my oh no
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: no in my oh gasp no
GroovbOO✰ ⒝ᶰᵈ: eheheheh
Bantabulous: heheheheheheh

9:18 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: like
9:18 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: flick the bean
9:18 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: or
9:18 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: flick
9:18 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: bean
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: flick
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: the
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: b e a n
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: oh
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: b e a n
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: The
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: b e a n
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: the ben
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: yeah
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: flick ben
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: the
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: im in
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: b e a n
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: no
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: yeah i dont like ben
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: ben
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: and why not
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: he stole my legos
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: ben can heck himself
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: HAY
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: l i t e r a l l y
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: NO HECKS
9:19 PM - TF2♥BeanBag♥TF2: NO FRICKS
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: NO
9:18 PM - groov✰frozen hands:(: DOUBLE DECKER DICKS
9:17 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: Licky my dicky
9:18 PM - Groovy✰ ⒝ɳɗ: thats illegal
9:18 PM - Groovy✰ ⒝ɳɗ: but ok
9:18 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: Fuk you make u squeak
9:18 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: Like a ducky
9:18 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: UNH YEAH

1:08 AM - BeanBag♥✧: You know how i was saying dicke fotzebin chat td
1:08 AM - Groovy✰ oop: oh ya
1:08 AM - BeanBag♥✧: Dick fotze
1:08 AM - BeanBag♥✧: Dicke fotze
1:08 AM - BeanBag♥✧: Well
1:08 AM - Groovy✰ oop: looks like frozen dick
1:09 AM - BeanBag♥✧: I though it meant "fucking cunt"
1:09 AM - BeanBag♥✧: Welp
1:09 AM - BeanBag♥✧: Turns out
1:09 AM - BeanBag♥✧: On google translate it means thick pussy
1:09 AM - BeanBag♥✧: LmaO

[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : jelly beans
[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : r
[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : so
Join our Steam group using !group
[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : g00d
[Chief F49] Groovy✰ deer : i dont like
[MaxDB] BeanBag♥✧ died to a rocket traveling 86 MPH!
[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : how fucking dare you
[Chief F49] Groovy✰ deer : j el ll y b e a n s
[Chief F49] Groovy✰ deer : LOL
[Chief F49] Groovy✰ deer : omg
[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : no fucking soul
Our website: MaxDB.NET
[MaxDB] Groovy✰ deer died to a rocket traveling 67 MPH!
[Chief F49] Groovy✰ deer : mEAN
[Member F46] BeanBag♥✧ : only satan doesnt like jelly beans

Smokey : got sm of that d i c c tyyrone? - tmmy

Capreé Mar 20 @ 1:01am
i heard you involve in the arts of "yeeting"

Fishy - Today at 5:17 PM
only thing ur flytrapping is these hands

Blizzy - Today at 4:28 PM
groovy is hot

"ill smash an eight year old"-blizzard

BizarreBlizzard - Today at 5:19 PM
I wish I had groovys long, girthy hands

BizarreBlizzard - Today at 10:53 PM

BizarreBlizzard - Today at 2:04 PM
just go fuck your mother already

12:45 AM - < Shades: *LEGS HAVE BEEN SIGNED*

Nulus : i sacarrficc
Nulus : but i also attac

Nulus : wild doggo on loose
Nulus : rabbid doggo

[ ✰BLANK✰ ] Aug 9 @ 1:58pm
nigger got a 132 iq

5:41 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: 90
5:41 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: IQ
5:41 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: LOOKING ASS
5:41 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: WHAT ARE YOU BLANK?

5:42 PM - ☢DeAth EaTeR☢: you

BeanBag♥✧: the music got kinda
BeanBag♥✧: messed up
BeanBag♥✧: bad
BeanBag♥✧: fute
BeanBag♥✧: clute
BeanBag♥✧: flute
BeanBag♥✧: god ammit'
BeanBag♥✧: i cant ype
BeanBag♥✧: omfg
BeanBag♥✧: i c a n o n l y t y p e l i ke t h i s
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Goggles - 06/16/2018
groovy just sent a face reVeaL?
Aʟʏssᴀ - 06/16/2018
Goggles - 06/16/2018
a hot face
Aʟʏssᴀ - 06/16/2018
Goggles - 06/16/2018
gonna jerk off brb
Aɴɢᴇʟ Jul 15 @ 4:30pm 
[ ✰BLANK✰ ] Jul 15 @ 11:04am 
I mean obv it was a nice hot butthole. I mean just look at my profile pic! it looks so lit
[ ✰BLANK✰ ] Jul 15 @ 6:02am 
Fuck my fucking ass in the Fucking, fucking ass.Fucking, fucking, fucking, I'm fucking my fucking ass.I tried to fuck my ass.I fucked my ass.Heaven knows I asked.Fuck my fucking ass.Fuck my fucking ass.Fuck the fucking, fucking, fucking ass.Oh my fucking ass.My assholes's tight.Well, fuck my ass.Fuck my ass.And I'll fuck my ass.Let them fuck my ass.Two dicks in my ass never bother me anyways.Oh, here we go, nigga!It's funny how some distance could fuck your fucking ass.I put two dicks in my ass.And it didn't get to me at all.Two dicks in my ass.Three dicks in my ass.Four dicks is enough.But fucking five dicks.Five fucking dicks.Let's go for six.Seven!Fuck my ass.Go fuck my ass.Fuck my ass.I wanna fuck my ass.Fuck my ass.Why don't you just fuck my ass?Two dicks in my ass never bother me anyways.I tried to suck a fucking dick and I fucking failed.My vagina piercing's gone away of the dick in it.I had no choice, I had to try a different hole.The only thing that's left was my ass.
goggles✰ᵇᵈ⁽ʲ⁾ Jul 14 @ 5:34pm 
+rep gives me best videos at the worst times
Sardeenz Jul 9 @ 4:18pm