Victoria   Warner Robins, Georgia, United States
Everyone should watch this magician vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns96pCF5l1w
Christian mom who homeschools.
My first video game was Duck Hunt on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Subsiquently, I moved on to the Super Nintendo, the PlayStation, PlayStation II, Wii, and the WiiU. Primarily, I game on the PC (anyone else remember Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago? They were my first ventures into the world of PC games, followed by pong, and snake).
I spent a lot of time NOT gaming, so I've got a lot of learning to do.
I've noticed that some of the gaming communities are rife with "mean girls" (guys), and have decided that I'll be the opposite of that. I come here to play and have a good time, not start/take part in drama. If I want to stress over the little things, I'll get back to my RL, and leave the game alone. The game is all about relaxin, and killin' some zombies... Or surviving... Or, ya' know, w/e...
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Kumikyoku 30 AGO a las 4:54 
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Mikari 27 JUL a las 8:07 
The wedding will most likely be in September 2020 though we haven't settled on the exact day yet, it depends on the venues available. You're invited, it'll be in the general Warner Robins area.
Kumikyoku 30 JUN a las 13:11 
               / ¯¯`フ
         , '' ` ` /       !   
        , '      レ  _,  -' ミ
        ;          `ミ __,xノ゙、
         i     ミ   ; ,、、、、 ヽ ¸
      ,.-‐!       ミ  i    `ヽ.._,,))
     //´``、     ミ ヽ     (¯`v´¯)
    | l    ` ーー -‐''ゝ、,,)).       ..`·.¸.·´
Mikari 20 JUN a las 16:32 
A lot has happened XD we should catch up sometime
[Do$$h] Kat 19 JUN a las 21:52 
No problem
G.R.I.T.S.onamission 19 JUN a las 18:40 
Thanks, Kat. :D