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Posted: Mar 18 @ 7:55am

Out of all the games I've ever played, Baba Is You is easily among the best of the best. From concept to execution it's nothing short of a stroke of genius. Easy to understand yet extremely difficult to fully explain.

The main idea is simple: It's a tile-based puzzle game where the specific rules of each level are determined by simple phrases, usually exactly 3 words in length much like the game's title. The words that make up these phrases are visible tiles within the level itself, and you can push said words around to rearrange them and alter the rules of the level as you see fit in order to complete it. The sheer magnitude of intrigue this simple concept produces is frankly completely nuts.

Apart from the fantastic, challenging gameplay I just find the general aesthetic of the game to be incredibly pleasing. Graphically it has a certain balance of three familiar and minimal art styles which come to mind: "chalkboard doodle", "ASCII graphics", and "ZX Spectrum graphics" which give the game a certain coziness and readability. The game's music tends to be very atmospheric and relaxing on top of that, my personal favorites being Tree is Shift and Rocket is Dust

When all is said and done, the only thing this game really needs is a proper level creation tool, and thankfully the dev plans on adding one after a few tweaks and fixes are out of the way.
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