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Alex   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Message me anytime, I have the Steam App.

Snoo ping as usual?

I broadcast through Beam.pro, Twitch, and sometimes Steam.

Friend Adding- You may only add me as a friend if we have played in a game together. Very few exceptions. FirePowered members are an exception.

If I say nighty night to you, it's because you've become a special friend to me and I care about you.

Character Info
Green Leaf is not your average alicorn. In fact, he's not entirely a horse. Leaf was originally a scientist on Earth, studying in Universal Traveling. After an accidental trip to Mobius, the Universe of Sonic the Hedgehog, due to a malfunction in his Universe Traveling machine, Leaf became a hedgehog. He lived his life out defending the Mobians to the end, alongside Sonic and his friends. Due to Universal properties of Antimater, Leaf was given a second chance at life back on Earth, once his time on Mobius had run out. Leaf studied what made his trip to Mobius accidental, and traced it to Equestria, and Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom (though he didn't know that was the exact cause at the time). After another malfunction with his Machine, Leaf winds up in Equestria, no longer a hedgehog, but an alicorn, to adapt to the hedgehog properties of Mobius.

Now, Leaf finds comfort and happiness livivng his life in Equestria. He has taken up residence with Twilight Sparkle and with her help, constructed a lab underneath her Treehouse including another fully functioning Universe Traveling Machine. He uses it to travel and classify the Alternate Universes of Equestria. He enjoys the company of the Mane 6, as well as playing games when he's not working. Feel free to come talk to him some time.

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The site where I write stories [www.fanfiction.net]
The site where I chat with fellow bronies [forum.ponyville.net]
My blog [horseofmanytalents.tumblr.com]
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