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Personal Achievements

Templar Knight

Complete all levels on casual or higher difficulty

Templar Master

Complete all levels on normal or higher difficulty

Templar Grand Master

Complete all levels on hard difficulty


Discover a clue

Treasure hunter

Discover all chests in a single level


Complete all bonus objectives in a single level


Complete all bonus objectives on all levels

Chronicles of the Temple

Collect all Templar Chronicles


Find all collectible outfits in the game


Find all collectible weapons in the game


Advance a character to 5 health orbs


Advance a character to 5 stamina orbs

Miracle Worker

Use the "Revive" action to help your teammate

Watch Your Step

Disarm a Bear trap

Down, boy!

Save your partner from a dog attack

No Stone Unturned

Destroy a breakable wall

What was that?

Distract and then stealth kill an enemy

Look out below!

Kill an enemy by knocking him from a ledge

The Duelist

Win a duel

Just a flesh wound

Finish a whole level without both characters dropping below 1 health orb


Smash 5 enemy shields


Finish off 30 fallen enemies

Fight back

Succesfully perform 10 counter moves

Expert Tracker

Successfully track 20 trails to their end

Long Ranged

Kill 20 enemies with a ranged attack


Set 50 objects on fire

Silent and deadly

Perform 50 stealth kills

Not a Scratch

Kill 5 enemies in less than a minute without taking damage

Team Tactics

Kill an enemy grabbed by the other character

Siege Operator

Kill all opposing squads with a siege weapon

No escape

A fleeing enemy is killed with a siege weapon by you or your partner

Healing hands

Heal your partner with the Mass Prayer skill


Acquire all Charge skills for Celian


Acquire all Dagger throw skills for Marie

Bull Rush

Hit 4 enemies with your charge attack at the same time

Whirlwind strike

Hit 4 enemies with your all-around attack at the same time

Byzantine ways

Complete the Arena

Crowd favorite

Complete all bonus objectives in the Arena

Dance of blades

Kill 15 opponents with Cyclone strike in the Arena


Complete the first Arena round without taking damage

Elite Gladiator

Complete the second Arena round without taking damage

Master Gladiator

Complete the third Arena round without taking damage

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