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Personal Achievements

Get The Ball Rolling

Finish trial 1-1.

Leave Corollia

Finish trial 1-5 on Corollia.

Complete Corollia

Earn all Tokens on Corollia.

Rush Corollia

Earn all Time Stars on Corollia.

Leave Ballderaan

Finish trial 2-5 on Ballderaan.

Complete Ballderaan

Earn all Tokens on Ballderaan.

Rush Ballderaan

Earn all Time Stars on Ballderaan.

Leave Dagoball

Finish trial 3-5 on Dagoball.

Complete Dagoball

Earn all Tokens on Dagoball.

Rush Dagoball

Earn all Time Stars on Dagoball.

Leave Rollin IV

Finish trial 4-5 on Rollin IV.

Complete Rollin IV

Earn all Tokens on Rollin IV.

Rush Rollin IV

Earn all Time Stars on Rollin IV.

Reach Ballhalla

Finally get to Ballhalla and watch the end credits.

Secrets? What? Where?

There may be some secret locations. Can you find them all?

The Final Secret

Decipher the secret code and find the final secret teleporter to finish the scavenger hunt.

Ball Hacks Required

Exploit your way to the hole that requires ball hacks.

Hole of Glory

Be the fastest ball alive and reach the hole of glory.

Finish Bonus Trials

Finish trials B-1, B-2, B-3 and B-4.

Complete Bonus Trials

Earn all tokens in the bonus trials.

Do Not Enter

Don't listen to the narrator.