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Personal Achievements

Tidy Tim

Make bed

Prog Popped

Pop the Prog


Get a pearpod

An apple a day

Get an apple

What a view

Look carefully

Sleeping dog

Get a cornbun

Prog Pro

Get a Prog pro

Dr Freeman I presume

Get something from Anne

A true McGuyver

Fix Poochie

Take it easy on the Progs

Use a prog hack


Fix the cyberslut

Practically a Booster

Use a levelhack

Kritt happens


Birthday Suit

Not dress properly

Light Sensitive

Change the light

Enter the void

Start the trip

I have Faith

Check out the picture

Little Trooper

Play ghostface

Up do date

Check newsfeed


Look at yourself

Crytpic Slasher

Get 10 kills in mojojoe

I am the law!

Get a score of 5000 in Ghostface

Public Nuisance

Have a "dead end" conversation


Be annoying

Act I Complete

Complete the first act

Act II Complete

Complete the second act

Act III Complete

Complete the third act

News Junkie

Read all the news

Legenendary Smasher

Get 30 kills in mojojoe

Judge Jury Executioner

Get a score of 12000 in Ghostface

Sinless Revealed

Beat the game