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When adrenaline scurries while death is at your door, holler a shriek that all may hear forever more!
If you're not dead by the end of it, you're probably just a Scaredy-cat.

The song heard in the video is "The Witch" played by The Rattles (1970)

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Status - Pending, Created by - Grambee
[[ Add me if you want. I'll accept if I know what's up, and if I want to ]]

I'm 17 years old and pursuing 3d animation. Some of my favorite games are TF2 and Bloodborne. I'm a huge fan of fromsoftware's RPGs and am planning to upload more TF2 taunts to the workshop, so keep an eye out! Another one is currently in the works! :praisesun:

If you're interested in my pfp, it is a famous Star Wars poster made by Olly Moss. Just type that name into google images and you'll see it.

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Happy HeadPhone Engineer Nov 16 @ 10:40am 
Great job on the Scardy-cat taunt, I hope it gets added next year on Halloween, but I thought of a better name for the taunt, Scaredy-Mann. Because TF2 is Based around the Mann Brothers, and Mann Co.
Sparked Oct 10 @ 2:32pm 
ayy met you in a casual game. Congrats on getting Terrifying Thunder into the game!
[♥]tweety Oct 10 @ 2:14pm 
♥♥♥♥ u valve why u not add this awesome taunt :( i waws scared to buy it
レトロコスミック Oct 7 @ 12:20pm 
i hope for god this taunt gets into the game
🦉 jaruco 🦉 Oct 7 @ 10:23am 
i want that taunt so bad lmao
arje Oct 6 @ 12:39pm 
bruh that taunt slaps real good :csgohelmet: