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Who Am I?
Hello folks! I'm Gracie and recently I have picked up a new hobby after experiencing what Virtual Reality is like.

Now I started working out exclusively via VR (mostly Beat Saber) which is a step forward - as I never exercised in the past!

I mostly stream Beat Saber and/or other VR games - and do not have a fixed schedule yet. I may at time stream other non-VR random games!

Current Active Games: Beat Saber (VR), Tekken 7 (non-VR)
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How Beat Saber convinced me to EXERCISE!!

This game totally sold me the VR concept. Had always been skeptical about VR so never gave it a chance, happen to saw some beatsaber gameplay, liked it but thought it was just some 3d computer generated effects videos.

Not until recently when I had the chance to experience VR in an arcade setting to try out VR games, and one of it was Beat Saber itself.

Immediately got hooked and upped my homes gaming PC to be more optimised for VR, got a rift and game on!

Check out more of my dances play in Beat Saber here:

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