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Jun 3 @ 8:52am
In topic Can we add pen correction?
I've been trying to make larger sprites recently, and since there's no pen correction all the lines come out as unsmooth and unjaggy. It's pretty annoying to work without it.
I know this might not fit in here since the mods aren't official, but I thought you guys in here might've known about it.
I replaced the Assembly-CSharp.dll file with my modded file (which after reading the readme, wasn't the thing I was supposed to do). When I started up my game, all i saw was a cyan screen which couldn't be interacted with. I uninstalled and then reinstalled my game, but the game just won't download. Any way to fix it or delete the files permanently?
Jan 24 @ 10:45am
In topic Terraria Overhaul mod not downloading
Title explains most of it. After a while of downloading it just stops, I've tried every official method of downloading it but it just won't. What do?
Showing 1-3 of 3 entries