Baldwin# [Ice]
?   Poland
That boy look shook every time that he look
But I ain't gotta touch him 'cause karma's a douche
We gonna take ten of yours if you ever try take one of mines
Wasn't for me, then you would've been died
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"Our Ice comes from hell"
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Jak po patrzysz datach, pracowałem na to lata
Walking with the bag so I could pay for the hit nigga

Napoleonic Wars // MM Russia Past Regiments:

12'ty Pułk Piechoty (2012-2017) Major / Lt Colonel / Colonel [12pp]
7. Pułk Grenadierów Legii Nadwiślańskiej (2013) Major [LN_7pg]
15'ty Pułk Piechoty (2012) Lt Colonel [15pp]
Infanterie Regiment "Freiherr von Strauch" Nr. 24 (2013) Gefreiter [Nr24]
Member of Polish National Team (2013) POL
1. Brygada Grenadierów (2013) Sergeant [1bg]
92 Gordon Highlanders (2012) Private [92nd]
6. Pułk Piechoty (2012) Colonel [6pp]
6e Brigade (2011) Artilery Recruit [6e]
4. Pułk Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego (2011) Recruit [4pp]
22nd Regiment of Foot (2011) Recruit [22nd]

Persistent World Past Clans:

The North (2017) Bannerman
House Baratheon (2016) King
Order of Seaaring Ice (2016) Chancellor
Kingdom of Brackaltwald (2014-2016) Ser
Knights of Tissmir (2015)
House Stark (2015) Ser
Companions (2015)
House Lannister (2014-2015) Lord
Brothers of Exodus (2014)
Vale of Arryns (2014) Lord
House Blackfyre (2014) Lord
Vera's Knights (2013) Green Dragon
House Lannister (2013) Ser
House Baratheon (2012) Kingsguard
Varangian Guards (2012) Lord

Kret Jun 10 @ 8:08am 
ptodxr daj unbansa bd grzecznyt PLSSSSSS
Sevelix50/Rockowy(Ice) Jun 4 @ 11:56pm 
after over 2 year Baldwin still didn't teach me cav so i lost all hope and started to play as a doc
[kos] emperor_of_man Jun 4 @ 4:51pm 
true king of poland not fake news kozubki
ZoBiM May 21 @ 11:45am 
+rep, fajny głos podnieca mnie
Teo Jun 24, 2017 @ 1:14pm 
[1PG] IndiaN [Ice] Jul 21, 2016 @ 3:16am 
21-07-16 baldwin still didn't teach me cav + still vacbanned kek