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The Spring rises to a Summer, while I descend into the Night At Noon
Yes, it's me, the creator of the very well known extreme map gbc_script_x and all the "gbc_" tagged KZ/autobhop maps. Yup, it's also me that is behind the hard map videos on YouTube. :o
I am also Map ADMIN at Xtreme-Jumps.eu, the largest official CS 1.6 jumping-dedicated community, so if you have questions about your map or something related, you can talk to me.
Everyone is welcome, feel free to add me. :)

❤️ Amanayara...❤️ yesterday ❤️ today ❤️ tomorrow ❤️ always ❤️ even in my dreams. ❤️
I love you, so much, always, I can't even describe it... after all this time. I know, I know... we didn't talk properly for years, but you are in my thoughts, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go sleep. It will continue like that, even if you don't remember me or think about me anymore... which you already do. I miss you so, so much, your words, your voice, your cute laugh, the endless hours talking in the dawn before the sunrise. Years have passed, most of my memories have faded away, but the ones I had with you, are still here. I swear you are the most beautiful girl I've seen in my life, the sweetest person, the most caring and loving, it's so genuine. I see you in my dreams, everything reminds me of you as well. I remember I was with you in one of these dreams... I was hugging you, we were in peace, I was feeling so happy. I had to wake up, and unforunately I had to go back to reality and feel the opposite of the dream... I just wanted to be with you. I still read old messages, I still look at the old pictures, and still have the same feeling for you. I'm sorry that life had to make it so difficult for us, I could have changed, I could have made something to make everything better, but I was stuck in a state of mind that rendered everything impossible for me, even simple things. I am so sorry for that... It hurts to know I could have made something to really have you by my side but I failed at everything. I swear I will never, ever, ever, forget you. Yeah, girl, it ended, but my feelings for you never will.

We never forget our traditions
This is the Summer Solstice
We wear our black clothes
We wear our white masks
We light our torches for our watch
We wait for the Sun to be above us
We need to thank the clouds for our rains
We look at this ever blue sky
We thank our Earth for our place
We thank the elements for our gift of life

I, Krsninsky, see this as our gratefulness for being here
I wait for the rain to fall
It washes our sorrows away as it gives life to our trees
It washes our streets as it gives us the beautiful sight of water rolling down windows

The time passes and the Sun is up there
It greets us from the early morning to late night
We wake up for the Sun and sleep for the Moon
We walk and sing for our seasons

We appreciate every day we have
From the Sunset at Midnight to the Night at Noon
Sometimes we appreciate the sunny days during the rain
Sometimes we appreciate the rainy days during the blue skies
We can appreciate the day when the night falls and we wait for the morning
We can appreciate the night in the middle of the noon waiting to see the Moon shining
We appreciate the little joys of life in the grey moments
And appreciate the sorrow when we see the depth of human emotion

We live, shortly, but graciously in this city
In the heart of seasons
We celebrate when the night falls during noon
We are grateful for the light skies during the nights of the late sunsets

Feel the air of this city
Where all the seasons meet
From the light of the summer to the darkness of the winter
Of profound people that live for the clouds
We love the sunny weather but also appreciate the dark grey skies
We love the dead Winter trees but also admire the colorful Summer flowers
We love the silence of the nights but also listen to the birds singing during our days
We love the happiness of the light but also see the beauty in the melancholy
We love the sunrise but also yearn for the blue hour before darkness

A city made of dreams but also from the dead hopes of dreamers
A city made for new lives for those carrying old pains
A city made for new chances for those carrying old words
A place for new memories to be made and old traumas to be forgotten
A place called Dead Winter
Where old winters die for new summers to be born
Where even the Autumn shines but Springs prevails
Where the dream of a peaceful world is right before your eyes
Where we mourn for the dead but adore the living while they are alive
Because our body is all we have, all we are
Because we can only live while still alive

We pay our tributes to the dead, but also party for the living
For the living are the ones making this world
Our inspirations almost never come from good moments
As we know how deep the human mind is
Our feelings irradiate in this world made to support us
As the trees help us to see the colors again
As the Summer flowers brighten our blind minds
Because we are blind to the world outside, but see everything where they are meaningful
Because only the living can live life
Because as we sing for our Sun, the Winter comes to show us the despair that still exists everywhere
We don't even care about living although we killed ourselves in the real world, here we appreciate life, what we have
Because here is where our souls come to heal, where we come to really see what we have in our minds
This profound place is built to show, that even to the darkest Winter, there is still light somewhere
The most profound place ever built for those who had enough of the shallowness of the real world
Because in the Dead Winter, we, the real dead, and the living, still live for the skies
After all, the clouds are always there to look for us from above
As the fruits of the trees feed new hopes to our minds
We are about to overcome ourselves
So we can finally put the doubts to rest, so we can be sure to live

I am a ghost in your mind
An erased part of your life
It's amazing how a feeling can change lives
I miss to look in your eyes
I miss how you were so kind
I miss when all your love was mine
I remember how your kiss was sweet like wine
I remember things you would buy
When we were together there was no time
I remember how I hated to say goodbye
I know things will never be fine
But I will always remember the story of you and I

Written by me, like a ton of other texts. Yes I love writing this stuff.

"What is love...
The person you miss the most when everyone is around."

"Who sleep shall awake
Watching the thunder of our lives

Waiting for the moment to arrive
Show us the silence in the rise

So that we may
Someday understand..."

Lord Summerisle: Now, those children out there, they're jumping through the flames in the hope that the god of the fire will make them fruitful. Really, you can't blame them. After all, what girl would not prefer the child of a god to that of some acne-scarred artisan?

Sergeant Howie: And you encourage them in this?

Lord Summerisle: Actively! It's most important to teach new generation born of Summerisle be made aware that here the old gods aren't dead.

Sergeant Howie: And what of the true God? To whose glory churches and monasteries have been built on these islands for generations past? Now shall what of Him?

Lord Summerisle: Oh, He's dead. He can't complain. He had his chance and in modern parlance. Blew it."

Happiness is a state of mind
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