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Posted: Oct 6, 2018 @ 12:24am
Updated: Oct 28, 2018 @ 9:31pm

This game is the magnum opus of Assassin's Creed titles and RPGs in general. It's an amalgam of most of the Assassin's Creed games made, but with new and fun features. Plus, it borrows many traits from The Witcher 3 and Ghost Recon Wildlands. It easily surpasses both Origins and The Witcher 3, which I didn't think would ever happen.

Land and Land Combat = Origins / Syndicate / The Witcher 3
Sea and Ship Combat = Black Flag
Hunt down Cult members = Origins / Wildlands
Hunt or Be Hunted by Bounty Hunters = Origins
Tiered Arena Fighting = Origins
Interesting and Diverse Side Missions** = The Witcher 3
Horse Riding and Horse Combat = Origins / The Witcher 3
Political and Ongoing War = The Witcher 3 / Wildlands
Ethics and Morality = The Witcher 3 / Wildlands / Origins
Ancient Myths / Beasts from Legends = Early AC titles
Exploration = The Witcher 3 / Wildlands / Origins
Super Massive Open World on Land and Sea = The Witcher 3 / Wildlands / Origins for LAND; Black Flag for SEA (most of the Greek region and islands are in this game!)
Legit Decision Tree and Choices Matter = The Witcher 3 / Detroit: Become Human
FULL Female or Male Protagonist = New to AC series
RPG elements / World Reacts to Your Actions and Decisions = The Witcher 3 / Classic RPGs

Easily GOTY!

**Worth noting. The side missions in and of themselves feel like DLC content. Fully realized and diverse. For example, the isles of Mykonos and Delos have a proper beginning, middle, and end. Further away in Sparta, you're tasked with transporting that city-state's famous Olympian to the region of Ellis for the Olympic games. Through of series of misfortunes you now have to replace this champion and compete in the Olympics yourself! Yeah. It's stuff like this. You never know what's going to happen, but it's so massive, and all of it unfolds organically in each region you visit.
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