That is none of your business.
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Came to pay me a visit?Fair,enjoy your stay.

Ignore my VAC Ban please,I was dumb and stupid and thought I could get away with using skinchanger.I would never cheat to gain any advantage on my enemy in any game ever.

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Thought this would look cool,I don't know.
Teamster:Soup = God

Dr.Fronkensteen: okay soup nice super speed.

Dr.Fronkensteen: progressors are the ♥♥♥♥♥ worst.

NUJABES PART 1-6 ON YOUTUBE: U use script for bhop like this soup

Jaiden: hacker soup

whassabikid: soup ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cheat

Z_Ħ ę ȜƚƸ ȗ Ț ȴ_V: fu soup, fat ass

Dr. Fronkensteen: soup u saved us! i love u, lets ♥♥♥♥

GetHigh: i love you man you make me wanna eat soup

Desperado (Daniel) ☪: i see soup my pants get wet

Th3One: soup hacker!

_x nèv x v-v-v: soup u amazing

JØӃɆŖ™: soup here, i get killed

(˵ ⦁ ᴗ ⦁ ˵): i want soup to be my babysitter :D

Elitecamper: kill soup first. hes the head of the snake

Monsieur Monde: Soup is kind of suspect

Monsieur Monde: !ban Soup.

:)(:: you soup

[Ξн] MONSTER³: admin is hacking..

JØӃɆŖ™: cheat score soup

Jonas | Norway: Soup's cheating..

Tommi: soup went hard

GanjaGuru: pro man soup

PAYCHECK: progrssor nice cheat.
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Aha*GunPower* Oct 3 @ 6:37am 
Ehaaaa Soap!!! Ehaaaaaa!!!!! drop the base!!!!!!! EHAAAAA !!!!!
Th3One Sep 29 @ 1:39pm 
Very good player with skills and cool guy! αδερφέ ;)
[ΞD] Spacemanッ Sep 29 @ 12:11pm 
*Slurp* Good Soup
[Ξн] MONSTER³ Sep 19 @ 9:39am 
..the one and only Soup. :)
buzz Sep 18 @ 9:45am 
insane sniper
BOSS Aug 10 @ 6:37am 
good man