Vlatko   Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
msg inquiry::.. w h O _ A r E _ y O U ?!?! [] ..::
a cYbErnEtIc LifEfOrm [] ..:::
LingErIng On _ h U m A n I t Y _ ..::response relayed

rqs link steam lvl 2 real age::.. _s Y n c I n g_ ..::synced

transmutation deployed::..
| M e t r o _ D a r k | ..::loading
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Killing Floor
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My god, it's full of stars! - 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur Clarke
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i like trading and there's always something in my inventory. be free to offer me a trade and i'll reply asap!
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Atlaimond 2 czerwca 2016 o 5:28 
Rep.: He’s kind and understanding person.
GABBA-[CRO] 3 kwietnia 2016 o 1:22 
Brother from another mother!
A.M.A.Z.O. 25 lipca 2014 o 2:29 
I still can't belive I've met someone like him playing Alien Swarm and we play more than just Alien Swarm. He does think of himself as a perfectionist, I see him as a perfect gaming buddy and a very good PC repair guy and I thank him for helping me out everytime I whine about my problems(almost all of them but is acceptable ). I hope we would still be playing games together and who knows, maybe even meet face to face.
✗||| 3 lipca 2014 o 6:39 
The best friend who is online all the time!
Ogisha 18 maja 2014 o 8:43 
King of Alien Swarm!
Prometheus 10 lipca 2011 o 21:28 
Truly a best friend anyone can have. :)