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Monster Harvest is literally most of Stardew Valley Mechanics (mining, harvesting, chopping wood, crafting, cooking, completing collections of items, making furniture, battling in the mines and obtaining ores there, going deeper every time and battling with your monsters) with a creature collecting and combat like pokemon, but a lot more simple. The monsters have 3 attacks only, very simple. It's not a hard game to play, just a game to enjoy your time and chill. There's no heavy strategy in battles, they are NOT made for competitive play, just to keep going further in the game. Music is good, graphics are cute and mechanics are fun and addictive, but basic. The amount of monsters is maybe small, but the devs are working on more content. Also, even if monsters are part of the game, they are not the center of it. I think it's pretty balanced between activities, harvesting, getting materials to open new zones, build or to get money, and obtaining some monsters and leveling them up to go further down in the mine or battle against people in town. You can make hybrid crops, there's in-game events and all. So, expect a game closer to Stardew than pokemon, but with some creature battling and collecting in there, not for hardcore estrategic players though. Cheap enough too. Even the graphics, as you can see in the screenshots or gameplay, are Stardew like (the color scheme and the pixelart), but with the characters being more round to give that pokemon firsts generations like. I'm really enjoying the game as for now. I just hope I make you clear what to expect for this game and buy it if you're interested in what it offers, because it seems to me that some of the negative reviews that this game has in his two first days are not because of the game itself, but because of the expectations people had mechanic-wise (I even read one that complaint about the stamina system being too hard, even though you will upgrade your tools and make it last for a lot longer during the game).

Thanks for reading, I hope the review was helpful to make clear what kind of game is this! :)

PS: If you want to see more reviews of monster taming games, I'll leave my curator link right here. A follow would mean the world. Tavern of Tamers

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