Don't add me scammer I REPORT & BLOCK   Australia
..and possibly more from invites as well

I used to trade a lot (TF2 mostly). Don't add me I will ignore (or block & report obvious scammer). NOTHING IS FOR TRADE

You can get quite a bit of free money and learn about the magnificent digital currency age that will soon be upon us; blockchain innovations are at an all time high and governments are making moves to not lose control (obviously) of their evil systems of control and manipulation. Pay attention because paper money constantly devalues at an exponential rate (inflation) which can also be outright FALSE ACCOUNTING. So ignore Bitcoin and any highly integrated *IN USE BY VENDORS* cryptos at your own risk.. if it is 100k in some years, too bad for you ;( the lower class is going to be poverty stricken by the next crash (the one brewing since 1930s) ! I feel so bad for the average American. The level of debt is insane and the Fed print money so fast it is mind blowing.

Use either or both links while you can. Drops like this are staggered and eventually will be gone or very limited depending on the timeframe of the coin/tokens distribution. Fixed amounts will eventually all be held and this won't be so easy (i got 36 usd from lessons months ago and the best 2 were already gone)

Add me if you are a skin/sticker contributor and want to make my ideas into stickers for CS:GO. We will get stickers into the game. in TF2 Menpo was a quality item with a different look before accepted, I had a different view of what the mask type MUST be to pair with Kabuto and Samur-Eye (metal plates and rivets) and The Ronin is such a great guy we agreed on the submission with new design.

CS:GO stickers can be extremely profitable for good ideas, I have many and most already have clear design aspirations, theme and so on. All I need is a cooperative person to do the artistic creation of my visions. First job is 4 5 or 6 stickers for a series, each in plain/holo/foil versions so Valve can choose a themed capsule to create. These stickers should be extremely well received by a huge % of the playerbase, and Valve could be adding them in a matter of weeks if we ensure quality creation of the themes..

AH CS:GO. What they should have done with the economy change. 5 stage loss bonus. The end. Just nothing to do with ROUND ORDER. Unfair games mostly gone now but its a flawed system because of how it affects comebacks. Artificial momentum manipulation is a key component of the economy but the end of game should have less potential for fuckery.

1. Teams will both have full loss if its 5-5 in either half of 15 rounds.. and get full lost 5 times between them. In a 5-0 start one team will get 10x full

2. In the final 8 rounds of an 11-11 or even 10-10 game you could expect NO MORE ECOS unless in rare cases usually CT, for that key huge buy after. Always innovating things like MAC10 rush no not 3x in a row...

3. #profit ?? game will always be won by the better team on the day. The end unless you want to experiment with only 4 stages or diff values..

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Well shit.. that can't be good
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Stickered gun giveaways.
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This guide will go in-depth about the MP5-SD | Lab Rats about its rare patterns such as the Red Rat, sticker placement, pattern template, etc.
Blazey 16 Eyl 2018 @ 4:42 funniest post match analysis desk ever
Blazey 13 Eyl 2018 @ 11:43 
If i was faze owner i would be pulling hair out so bad ever since they won last tourney that id have no top of head pulling brains out by now
Blazey 12 Eyl 2018 @ 8:18 
Blazey 8 Eyl 2018 @ 15:13 unlucky doesn't cover it OOF feelsbad
528491 4 Ağu 2018 @ 3:47 
Blazey 31 Tem 2018 @ 5:00 
Even better :P