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:Vibrantenergy: I'm a 30 year-old dude who loves the gaming world since birth. :pixelbaby:

:Vibrantenergy: I like to play all kinds of games and I'm crazy about achivments. :Dignity:

:Vibrantenergy: Rarely speak is because I am a bit antisocial:frogzone:

:Vibrantenergy: I like Japanese culture, anime comic books and all geeky things. :angrynerd:

:Vibrantenergy: How am sailor often I do not have time to play :fssailor:

:Vibrantenergy: If you want to be my friend fell free to add me :BUDlove:

https://www.steamladder.com/ladder/xp/pt [/url] :laugh_lif:

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PC SETS (Asus ROG 17.3) :

Processador: 6ª Geração Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Quad-Core, 2.6 GHz com Turbo até 3.5 GHz, 6 MB Cache
Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 Home, 64 Bits
Chipset: Intel® HM170 Express
Memória RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2133 MHz
Ecrã: 17.3" Full HD (1920x1080), Anti-Glare, LED, Wide View Film
Gráfica: Intel® HD Graphics 530 + NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX960M 4GB GDDR5
Armazenamento: HDD SATA 2.5" 1TB 7200RPM + SSD 256GB (M.2 2280) PCIE x 4

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I'm going to start writing the names of all those who try to scam me and the final result:

- james - 买和卖___________________________________ result: fail u noob :laugh_lif:
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Let's talk about how to walk on the map without getting lost :D
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Unepic for me is considered one of the best games I've ever played. While I play this game and I am writing notes in my book, I can describe that I feel a lot of fluency because I travel at least 20 years ago, where at 10 years I tried to unravel certain platform games like pc snes or megadrive. This for me is considered a good snes game but with a modern twist.

This is a game that is a little difficult to play, because it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice spirit to be able to enjoy this beautiful game. This game has some similarities to the Castelvania, a game created in 1987 for snes and that had a great success until 2010. To walk in a giant castle, from room to room with the lights out, without knowing the danger that awaits to us, does not seem to be An easy task, but when we light up all the torches and we come across a room filled with enemy goblins, orcs, skeletons, and other villains thirsting for revenge, then yes we have all the items to be a good game. This game is full of quests and side_quests where we can win several items that can be extremely valuable in another part of the game.

Eventually opening up the entire castle is a fun process, but combat with the respawning hordes of monsters exposes Unepic’s major fallacy: its freedom of character creation. A hulking warrior in full plate mail proficient in axes; a mage wielding powerful ice and fire spells; a spry thief equipped with a twisted dagger and powerful sleep magic; the character you become is entirely up to your distribution of skill points.

That sounds great in theory, but Unepic’s enemies are incredibly unbalanced, and it’s much easier to survive as a magic user than as a warrior. I played through most of it specializing in melee weapons and found that, if a group of enemies spotted me, I was almost always surrounded and killed. To survive, I had to exploit the enemy AI; I would get a single enemy's attention, climb down a ladder, then attack it as it tried to climb down after me, which would freeze it in place on the ladder.

This looks great in theory, but Unepic's enemies are incredibly unbalanced, and it's much easier to survive as a magical user than as a warrior, for like magic we can make ranged attacks and we have one more chance to escape and heal . I played most of it specializing in hand-to-hand weapons and found that if a group of enemies saw me, they were almost always surrounded and killed. To survive, I had to explore enemy AI; I would catch the attention of a single enemy, climb a ladder, then attack as I tried to pull away, which would freeze him instead of the ladder. Another thing we should be careful of is with the thieves of the game, because if we leave an item on the floor for a while, an unknown being teleports and robs the item, and the problem is that it steals us keys that are important for us to open Certain doors of the castle. And those keys are acquired when we kill the giant bosses. If you have stolen the keys you have to drop a less valuable item at the bottom of some stairs and hide yourself upstairs, when the thief appears and he will drop an item, to get your key you will have to do the same process 17 to 20 times to recover the object.

This was one of the games where I saw great diversity of final bosses. Some find it easier than others because everything hides if you choose magic or strength to defeat your enemies. For me the most difficult boss was the boss of the library (Neuron), because as he was surrounded by books had to be the smartest, this could get me to drop all my items or when I was almost to defeat this teleport me to another site in the Castle. So we have to be smarter than him trying to figure out what his next step was and this was much more fun.

While the unbalance is frustrating, I found reprieve in Unepic’s surprisingly charming writing. The main character, Daniel, is the victim of a botched possession by a spirit named Zeral in the early moments, and the two banter with each other throughout the story as they share the same body. The writing is overflowing with nerd references, including nods to the X-Men, StarCraft, Metal Gear Solid, Spaceballs, Star Wars, Futurama, Dragon Warrior, the Matrix; two shopkeepers are even named after Linux versions.

This is a game that will let you grab the chair from start to finish. But I advise this game to dedicated people who like to complete the whole game, for a couple of players who do not have patience and just want to spend a game to pass what is a boring game and that is not fun :( The last note I want Leave and for me one of the most important is, that this game for me was a 10-10, but the version translated into Portuguese has hundreds of bugs and errors in the Portuguese language.What sometimes left me a little sad and confused. Please fixe this error of the translation so that the Portuguese can love this game as I loved.

Final grade 9-10
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