Daniel   Orlando, Florida, United States
i am nobody important for any reason

I alias often. You should nickname me. The name’s goldencheeze.
Amateur mapper / FF2 server hoster
decent musician, gamer
depression is my only personality trait

None of my items are up for trade, and I have never and will never be scammed!
I accept most FRQs just don’t be dumb and stupid
Born on August 26 2004 (I'm 18), but the only gifts that matter to me are friendship!
Discord: goldencheeze#7816 DONT ADD TO TRADE

My silly old friend Stalkeroo gave me this idea [] so yeah thats cool I guess
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Who am I?
hello, nice to meet you im golden but you can call me whatever you like

I like Team Fortress 2, a lot. It was one of my first PC games along with Minecraft - I joined December 2015

I don’t remember much back then as I was much more toxic then I am now. Not proud of that.

Eventually I "quit," around 2015-16 taking a long break and selling all my valuables, but you can never truly quit TF2! Unique gameplay and charming characters, yadda yadda yadda I came back after Overwatch's terrible meta got stale and I got sick of stun mechanics, and I regret none of it. I am here to stay!

Used to be a regular on Spirit’s Servers

Eventually got over it, fed up with some community members - however the friends I’ve made are close and we still talk on one of my friends' discord servers, as well as my own.

Moved on to Skial FF2 as well as my friend Jay’s server VelocityTF (now renamed Cloud)TF (RIP, velocitytf/cloudtf died…) at around March 2020. Ever since, I fell in love with TF2 again and the community it has to offer - Rapid improvement came from not just practice, but doing what I enjoyed.. I just played the game, went for cool shots until eventually it worked (Good tip by the way - you never know what you're capable of until you try! Go for airshots! Go for quickscopes! And just don't take yourself too seriously, the second you stop having fun and become frustrated is when you start making mistakes, so take a break when you're not having any fun!)

7/20/2022: i got falsely permabanned from Skial for cheating.

So I made my own FF2 server. I don't sit around and take Ls.

I may be a tryhard, but I also like to play casually and have fun and mess around sometimes - It is very rewarding to improve, but more often than not I switch things up. I don’t kill friendlies (most of the time at least, hehe)

I am very passionate about this game and the friends I’ve made over the years, you know who you are. I appreciate you - And all the friends I will make too! If I think you’re cool, I think you’re cool forever; Bonds don’t break easily with me!

If only Valve would update the game, new weapons are always a blast but I guess they see no reason because free updates to increase longevity only really matters for cosmetics that make them money through the economy / trading scene.

Video games, of course!
Music (primarily percussion - Marimba is my main instrument but I play everything else percussion related too, and I am also taking up Violin!)
I also plan on becoming a professional musician / music therapist at Florida State University

Mostly known for playing Skial FF2... a lot. And being toxic over balancing, but nothing ever changes :btd6stunned:

What are some games I like?

Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Zelda, everything else Nintendo! (yes I know Sonic isn’t Nintendo shut up)
Persona, Omori, Mother, Undertale, Pokemon and other various RPGs
Pikmin (please give us 4 Nintendo I swear)
Doom, other boomer shooters - respect your roots!
And so much more. Video games have been a part of my life for more than I can count and I wouldn’t be the same without them.

What do I listen to?

All sorts of music, I don't believe in judging! Video game OSTs are cool, I guess, if I had to pick one

Not good at bios, but that’s basically who I am. That guy on TF2 a lot who you love or hate. Please be patient, I’m prone to frustration (I'm bipolar) .
Regardless, I commend you for reading this and hope you have a nice day, no matter who you are.

My older brother
You’re cool. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Love your friends, and even your enemies. A proud Christian, but I won’t force you to believe the same. Still, I encourage good morals and don't make friends with those who don't wish to attempt to be good people.

The internet’s a powerful tool, but anonymity can also be a weapon. Be careful you don’t live with regret. Don't share too much, but don't abuse power!

I hope we can have fun in the future, and maybe you learned something new about me!
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