32/m (as of 2018), Hetero Polyamorist, open-minded
Attention to developers: You can ask me to participate in your betas (I likely may decline, however), but I do NOT ask for review keys randomly. As a friend has an impersonator doing that, I thought I should add this to my profile.

(Don't gift me VR games unless they are about to be removed, I don't have a VR set!)

Please only add me if you are a legit gamer and have the library to prove it (read: several titles that are not free to play). You don't need to have a huge collection, I just want to prevent trolls, bots, etc.
(If you need help on AStats and I decline you or have reached my friend limit, use the forum there or try another mod.)

Old text:
Only add if your profile isn't private, except if a friend recommended you! I speak German and English, but can translate Russian via an online translator! (Completely not accepting private profiles anymore because of viruses, sorry!)

(not a GOG official, and also not Strong Bad, or so I hope :-) )

My TF2 items aren't up for trade/sale. Don't bother. Cards not if you just freshly added me, trying to rip me off gets you blocked.
Random invite to groups = block!
Jarateing me off = block!

So behave mature, please. Being rough is fine if I know you, just make sure there are no misunderstandings. ;-) No need for political correctness or anything, but behave with sanity. If you argue, use arguments, maybe I can learn from it. Also, if you're not in my closest friend circle, don't send me random stuff while I play. If you have a good reason to write, it is fine, but not something like "hey, check this video out". This is especially true for when I'm in difficult realtime games. Oh, unless you are a close friend, then write me anytime. :-)

Favorite song about polyamory:
Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two Lovers

Also, my favorite anime series is Slayers [] so check it out! :tutu:

Perpetually in love with Vivi.

1,000 games (Steam count) on 6/6/2012
1,500 games (Steam count) on 1/1/2013
2,000 games (Steam count) on 8/5/2014 - number 2000 is the F2P title Guns & Robots
2,500 games (Steam count) on 1/5/2015 - number 2500 is CubeZ
3,000 games (Steam count) on 6/12/2015 - number 3000 is The Enchanted Cave 2
3,500 games (Steam count) on 11/13/2015 - number 3500 is Seeders
4,000 games (Steam count) on 5/26/2016 - number 4000 had to be something special, so it is Day of the Tentacle Remastered
5,000 games (Steam count) on 6/21/2018 - number 5000 had to be something special again, so it is Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (remake)

1,000 games (AStats count) on 1/1/2013
ca. 1,985 games (old Steam count) on 6/18/2013
ca. 1,204 games and 748 DLC (new Steam count) on 6/18/2013

10,000 Steam Achievements on 23 June 2017, some achievement in Idle Evolution was probably #10,000.


If you wonder why Din's Curse is my favorite game, it is the circumstances in which I got it, not the game itself.


RU Steam Store
BR Steam Store
US Steam Store
UK Steam Store
JP Steam Store
NL Steam Store
DE Steam Store

SteamDB []
Currently Online
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Avg. Game Completion Rate
Various things (for UNCUT! / 2018 challenge / Disable Game Bar popups / 4:3 settings / Moral Values)
Please support "for UNCUT!", a group dedicated to elminate censorship on Steam (mostly in Germany, but also worldwide) by buying from Amazon, Gamesplanet and Humble Bundle via their partner links. You can find them here at the right side:
You can also join their group on Steam:

15 February 2018 challenge:
Games I want to 100 percent in 2018 with other than Steam achievements (mostly on RetroAchievements, PC is on UPlay via Steam).

Assassin's Creed 2

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend 2, Final Fantasy Legend 3

Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 3, Phantasy Star 4

Phantasy Star
Wonder Boy 3

PC Engine
Wonder Boy 3

Secret of Evermore
Chrono Trigger

Dragon Warrior

Games on this list 100 percented in 2018:


Disable Game Bar popups (Windows 10):
- Open a new text file.
- Press [Windows]+[G]
- Click "Yes, this is a game"
- Choose the right button (for settings)
- Disable pretty much everything on the first tab, and then disable the "Yes, this is a game" button.

I also uninstalled the XBox app before, but that did not work.


Want to play your 4:3 games as 4:3 instead of stretched?
Here's how (for ATI/AMD):
Open the Catalyst. Go to the button below "Common Display Tasks" (for me it is "my VGA Displays", for you it might be "My Flat-Screens" or something like that), open the scaling button and set the mark at "Enable GPU Scaling".
4:3 centered instead stretched.

This does NOT work for games/apps that only pretend to be fullscreen, such as Final Fantasy V, which in fact is borderless windowed in fullscreen mode.


Favorite genres
RPG (mostly not open world 3D)
RTS with base building
FPS (classical)
Visual Novel (if done right)
Management games (time management / city management / tycoon games)


Things I value highly:
- Love
- Loyalty
- Honesty
- Friendship
- Liberty. We don't have much liberty in Germany: No easy access to guns, censorship in media, most drugs are forbidden, you can't express your opinion if people don't like it.
- Intelligent conversations
- Drinking alcohol (with caution, i.e. not becoming addicted and not drinking too much)

Things I don't value highly even though they are usually valued highly by people:
- Smalltalk. I don't care about the weather where you live, unless it is something really impacting like a hurricane.
- Sex (except if marital or in love). I prefer an open relationship where both must consent before one does something with another person. In a relation I do everything for my women.
- Gifts. It's nice to get them but better gift to people who have no money.

Things that get you blocked:
- Begging / Scam / Phishing
- Annoying me
- Being dishonest. It's okay if you don't want to talk about something, but don't lie to me!
- Showing disrespect for people. Being immature.
- Nazism, racism, sexism, etc. I don't give a spoonful about tolerating everything. If I don't like your world view, you get blocked. If you threaten me or advertise genocide, you get reported.
- Stalking. Also gets you reported for harassment.
- Getting noted in an activity feed for any of the above.

(only for members of AEG group, sorry)

"We believe it's okay to have sex with anybody you love, and we believe in loving everybody." -A flower child, 1967, as quoted in: Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy: The Ethical Slut , 2nd edition 2009, p.24

1:21 AM - Me: so did you enjoy the time we had together?
1:21 AM - Me: have I been a good boyfriend?
1:21 AM - Vivi: Yes, I am just a loner and hate social activity

There's not much more a lovely girl can tell you after five years of a long distance relationship that makes you happy. :-)
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