Oh Okay
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It's just a game. Get over it.
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Holding hands with your companion cube! Don't forget him and don't get him dirty!
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kaykay <3 10.4. klo 4.17 
wtb ur big r0cket lawncher even tho it says nOT tRaDeAbLe :x3:
>>Matcha 13.8.2020 klo 5.30 
░╚════╝░╚═╝░░░░░+rep friendly person!
Diza 5.3.2020 klo 19.22 
Added to discuss
V_gN 28.10.2019 klo 14.59 
This is not a joke about rl? Lol
Zealous Zeke 23.10.2019 klo 20.38 
sorry for the trade spam. Offers keep going through and I noticed you have a sight for sore eyes
Zealous Zeke 23.10.2019 klo 19.50 
Sent an offer for that doc holiday