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Game is a ton of fun and has great music. Don't expect any hand holding though, this game is hard!
Posted February 2.
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Works on Linux! Game is extremely fun and has controller support.

If your controller doesn't work, they have a form where you can submit your controller information and they'll add it to the game! The wired Nintendo Pro controller will hopefully be in next patch!
Posted August 10, 2018.
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I really wanted to like this game and it starts out so good, but after two playthroughs I can't recommend this game.

There is so much potential. At the beginning we're introduced to Varls and Humans. We learn about the great wars against the Dredge. We're told the gods are dead and that the sun has stopped.

But that's it. Basically the entire lore is summed up for you in three sentences. The combat is okay, but it's not really enough to make the game worth it and the last fight is magnitudes more difficult than any other fight in the game.

Also, you have this weird economy/morale system that doesn't actually seem to affect anything.

This seems like one of those projects that had a lot of promise, but ended up being to big and rushed out the door. It's short enough that you can just watch a Let's Play on YouTube and you won't miss out on anything.
Posted May 4, 2015.
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Showing 1-3 of 3 entries