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This game either wants to be a slaughterbox simulator or a fishing simulator. But I can't decide which one I want to do.
Posted November 25, 2017.
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I don't know why I am here. But a voice in my head has informed me that if I repeat the following word several times. I will satisfy the desire to♥♥♥♥♥♥off some emotional critic of the games original origins.

Stanley, stanley, stanley. Stanley... stanley, stanley. Stanley. Stanley, stanley... stanley. Stanley!!!

That is all. Now can I go home?
Posted June 27, 2017. Last edited May 25.
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Pepsi: I almost destroyed my reputation with a stupid ad, oh god, oh jesus.

United Airlines: Nah, that's nothing; it can't be as bad as what happens to my passengers.

Take Two: Hold my beer.

2017: The year where companies want to one-up each other with PR Disasters.
Posted June 17, 2017. Last edited June 17, 2017.
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Worst Unresolved Cliffhanger of All Time
Posted November 23, 2016.
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I am the ball of rage that rips and tears through anything made of demon flesh.
I am the one who tries to shoot Dr. Hayden when we meet in person.

I am the one who hates cliff hanger endings!

Single player is a lot of fun though, will replay it again at some point.
Posted May 14, 2016.
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Oh boy, it's been a loooong time since I've written a serious review, so I'm just going to summerize it instead.

The Story?
Lacking at best, the only form of story you get is that the Vortiguns found you in stasis and decided to bring you back in order to help Gordan Freeman during his rampage in Nova Prospekt, why you are needed is not known or explained at all and if I recall froml Half-Life 2, you are able to quickly overwhelm the prison garrison due to the endless swarm of Ant Lions. Even then, afterwards there is little to no context as to what is going on besides flashbacks and Gman occasionally pretending to jump scare you for a split second.

The Gameplay?
It can be summed up in one way: Run, Gun, Press Button, Enter an Exit, Repeat. With the occasional puzzles that are only intended to make sure you die in the game at least once or twice to them if you weren't already killed enough by the machine gun posts that you encounter in Nova Prospekt.

The Graphics?
Well besides everything having unneeded reflections, most of the game is just re-used Half-Life 2 assets, with the exception of the many fancy particle effects that have been added, while pretty neat, is let down by how old the Half-Life 2 assets really are in terms of quality.

The Characters?
The only form of characters you can get from this game are from the flashback moments while moving through the campaign, which explain about the events of Sheperds career until the Black Mesa incident, although, I don't recall the Black Mesa VO for Barney being present in the military and the VO for the Vortigans make me believe that I've been summoned into an ASMR.

The Conclusion?
Overall, this game is average at best, it felt like the first part of it was just tacked on to get Valve's attention, afterwards it just turns into a generic HL2 mod, while it's harsh to hear, that's the impression I got. I only recommend getting this if you really cannot withstand your thrist for more Half-Life related content as it's honestly just a let down to the game's name.
Posted February 20, 2016. Last edited February 20, 2016.
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Liberated Medici in 22 hours, not exactly a good general now is he?
Posted December 2, 2015.
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This is a review based on two playthroughs of the game and is my honest opinion on the game, I personally had a lot of fun with this game, however I feel there's a few things to talk about, so here's my review on Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Gameplay wise
This game is a massive treat, especially with dual weilding all but two of the weapons in the game, being able to unleash hell upon swarms of nazi soldiers as a one man army. Along with having the ability to either play stealthy, tactical or balls to the walls guns blazing inferno. The only downside is that you cannot shoot while sprinting but you're able to shoot while jumping, even though the jumping feels more like you're skipping along the ground. There's also a hint system that could disable or enable if you wish that'll help you out if you get stuck in certain sections including a seperate hint for loot as well for when you get close enough to them. There's also unlockable perks that in all honesty, don't really change the gameplay up.

Graphics wise
For my 3 year old computer, the game looks pretty good on average settings and runs fairly decently except for within a few places, mainly during the first few missions of the game but besides that, the game runs perfectly fine most of the time. In terms of graphics options, majority of the options have been fitted under the same option rather than them being seperate, you are also given the option between fullscreen and window mode and the screen resolution options are filtered to the ones that would best fit your monitor.

Story wise
The story is a pretty accurate on how far the Nazi's would've advanced in technology if they achieved world domination, their sole focus on these kind of things would've meant faster acceleration. However, it kinda goes a little crazy when you get half way through the story. Without spoiling it I can easily say that the ending is pretty bad and totally not what I was expecting either, which is a massive disappointment, there's also next to no replayability to this game besides chosing who dies during the intro chapter which changes one character within the hideout and provides different cutscenes & dialog in relation to this character. Oh and there's no dialog difference between the two characters that you had to pick during the intro chapter either, they say the exact same thing in both play throughs most of the time, with only very few differences between the dialog for me. So besides replaying for dialog and cutscenes and upgrading health and armor along with perk unlocking, there's nothing else worth while to make you revisit the game a third time.

Difficulty wise
Now, there was a leak before the launch of the game that revealed that melee units had extremely poor AI, which is basically true, but you only have to deal with melee units twice within the whole game, both times are prison breaks as well. The only melee unit that was actually fine was the dogs, which of course, just run up to you and attempt to bite you in a QTE.

Besides that, most of the time the AI feels like dumbed down aimbots, that just walk around and shoot at you if they see you, even if its on the otherside of a giant room, losing them however is possible, since they don't know where you are majority of the time if you choose to break line of sight often. However with two boss battles that I encountered, both times fighting giant mecha units, they constantly knew where I was, constantly shot at me even when behind cover and where basically just walking bullet sponges with turrets attachted that would rip you apart if you stayed out in the open. From what I've also noticed, is that the difficulty only changes how much damage you need to deal in order to kill enemies and how much damage they deal to you, which in honesty, doesn't change the difficulty, it just ruins gameplay, slows you down and turns the gameplay into a chore.

There's also special units that you'll encounter throughout the game, ranging from four varients, one that'll call backup if he spots you or he's alerted of your position. Bullet sponges that come with either a rocket launcher, shotgun or machine gun and robots that are also bullet sponges and will rip you to shreds if you get to close, oh and they'll also instant kill you if you attempt a melee kill. You're also unable to kill rocket launchers and shotgunners with melee as well as they just block your attack or their armor is to thick for your knife. Oh and giant attack dogs that'll only be killed by machine guns or explosives.

And as stated before the difficulty only changes the damage you recieve and how much damage the enemies can take, from what I can see the AI behavour between normal and easy isn't different, besides that basic soldiers won't lob nades at you constantly if you hide behind cover. But they'll still act like walking aimbots.

Level design wise
Most of the time you're always heading down a set path, in some sections you are granted a little more freedom when approaching areas that involve you plowing down tons of enemies or if you're in some rooms that happen to be crawling with nazi soldiers. As for detail, the game is enriched with it, every environment is unique and different to each other and really capatures the atmosphere.

Gameplay is pretty fun, being capable of totally destroying nazies to shreds with any weapon(s) that you obtain and being able to play differently in each section if you wish.

Graphics is pretty good, looks pretty decent on my computer and runs just fine at most times.

Story is ok, but it kinda becomes a massive disappointment with its ending and there isn't much a difference between the sacrifice choice during the intro chapter.

Difficulty is not challenging, becomes repetitive and turns the game into a chore due to the massive excess of bullet sponged enemies that can instant snap to you along with bosses that know where you are, constantly, non-stop.

Level design is really appealing, each environment is different, doesn't feel repetitive, as for the flow of movement most of the time it feels linear, you're constantly moving in one direction and most alternate paths loop.

This game is great if you just want to have fun while killing Nazi's.
This game will run decently on most computers that are around 3 years old now, older than that however you might encounter some difficulties running this game.
This game is ok when it comes to its story, but as said, the ending is a disappointment.
This game will not challenge you, as the difficulty only changes the damage and some minor AI behaviors like nade lobbing and being able to see you through walls.
This game is extremely appealing to the eyes with each environment enriched with detail, so much to look at, so much to read and listen to, it's like candy.
Posted May 21, 2014. Last edited May 22, 2014.
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This is an old bug riddled game, its not worth picking up, I've wasted my money on this trash.

From crappy keybinds to game breaking bugs, I really recommend avoiding this title because well, I doubt Rockstar is going to update a game thats 5 years old now. When I talk about bugs, i'm talking about the combat system, its litterally horrible, it seems Jimmy can't pick up weapons without instantly dropping them, making it impossible to complete one of the missions where you have to pick up bricks and throw them at a thug that you happen to be chasing for sling shotting you.

And of course, the keybinds, who on earth throught that shift was a good key for attacking and alt was perfect for sprinting? I mean seriously, its always been traditional with games for shift to be for sprinting and mouse buttons for attacking.

Ontop of that is class room activities requiring you to have super accurate timing right down to the split second while padlock picking forces you to rotate your mouse in a way that just feels so uncomfortable its asking to give you a Repetitive strain injury.
Posted December 18, 2013.
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While this game does have its up and downs, probably the best part of this game is the customisation that can be achieved with the ingame editors, from recreating a certain song into a 5 second theme to making anime in the symbol editor. While the user generated content is amazing, the game does have a lot of downsides.

First off lets go with the matchmaking system, first off, districts are broken down into threat levels, green being worst and gold being the best. The main issue with this is that the matchmaking is based on the threat level and doesn't take your rep level into consideration, which is actually the level you need to increase to be able to unlock and access better gear so in many cases during my playtime, I being a low leveled player have faced the hell fury of 200 plus repped golds using osmaw's and grenade launchers on people who are still fairly new to the game.

Another issue is certain cash shop guns, while none of them are that dramatically overpowered to be considered litterally pay2win (Like there's no sniper rifle that can kill someone at full health in one shot). Most of them will give an advantage over other players, such as a joker cr5 thats moddable from when you start playing to buying pre-made guns such as a whisper, although the beginning weapon known as a STAR by the community, was actually buffed or tweaked to make it not so useless.

Now lets move on to bugs, like most f2p titles, a lot of bugs don't really get fixed until way later on in time, there are a few exploits in this game that allow players to get certain objectives stuck behind walls (This is common with capture the flag objectives) to players attempting to get out of the map (Mainly only in fight club). While those are exploits that players could abuse if they discovered them. There are also some bugs that will screw over your play experiance, such as random disconnects and crashes.

I also do not recommend playing APB if you have less than 8GB RAM on your computer, this game loves to eat up memory, my guess is that APB reloaded loves to store texture memory within the RAM in order to allow fast loading, to be honest I doubt i'm right, but its my only guess as to why it'd hog up so much resources.

And next off is the servers, laggy and litterally unstable, from horrible lag spikes when a district is full to litterally dropping client connections for no bloody reason what so ever, which is the main reason preventing me from playing the game propperly. Ontop of that is the slow and small patches applied to the game each week, while its good to finally see the game getting updates that were needed 6 months ago, this new movement by the devs to switch the games engine to a newer version of unreal 3 feels too late as the playerbase continues to decrease in size.

But I also forgot, punkpuster is litterally the worst anti-hack program I have ever seen, its just as bad as all those third-party or first-party anti-cheat rootkits most other MMOs force install onto your computer, it litterally doesn't do anything to stop hackers, the game has some pretty known active cheaters roaming around. Although personally imo, any anti-cheat tool that waits before banning doesn't work with any F2P title since these guys can just make new accounts every single time.

Overall I feel APB reloaded does have the capability to be something amazing, I am willing to support the game aslong as the improvements continue, I just wish it was more than just 1 ltitle fix or one tweak every week, I also wish the servers wouldn't dc me constantly and I also wish new clothes packs didn't cost 40-50 ♥♥♥♥ing dollars.
Posted December 3, 2013. Last edited December 3, 2013.
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