Glubbable~ ❥
May   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I'm Glubbable otherwise known as Glubs, Glubby or May. :butterfly:
You can read my FAQ & join my steam group if you wish~ :pinkheart:
Or you can try out some of my servers first~ :2016villain:
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Are you Trading?
Nope, I have little to no interest in trading. So I will not be selling anything in my inventory that you might be looking for. These days I only use the market place for items I need.

Can I add you?
You may add me, but I have a lot of pending invites and I rarely ever look at my pending invites, so its very unlikely for me to accept you unless I notice you by chance (or know you, ie, server regular etc).

I got an error when adding you?
Fun fact, you are only allowed to have 200 pending friend requests, after that, no more will come through. So if you get an error when adding me, that is why.

You removed me?
I rarely ever remove people from my friends list, so if it did happen, it could've been caused by something else, such as yourself removing me.

Why can't I comment?
My profile comments are set to friends only; if you really want to know if I blocked you, check if you can comment on my artwork/screenshots. It's the only way to tell.

Do you use anything besides Steam?
You can reach by via my Discord Server if you know how to get to it. Discord & Steam are the only platforms I use for communication.

Whats your favorite unusual?
I used to only like Orbiting Fire but these days I really like Disco Beat Down with anything pink ' ^'

What gender are you?
A lean mean grilling machine, able to reduce the fat from your fried bacon by 666% (´・ω・`)

I want to donate to the server
Please read this discussion thread for instructions.

Can I be an admin on your server(s) for you?
Check out the application section on my steam group!

I've heard bad things about you, are they true?
A lot of the stuff I hear about these days are made up stories, tbh you should be asking for proof from the people who make this crap up. I've had a lot of conflicts with people who are just incapable of grasping how reality works, so they result to childish means of behaving, at the end of the day if you hate me or love me, it doesn't make a difference.

Did you make Slender Fortress?
No, I did not make Slender Fortress, but I am one of the people who works on the gamemode along side others such as Vincentor, Simply Delicious, The Gaben, Chillax and Benoist3012.

What is your role in Slender Fortress?
I have multiple roles in SF2 such as Server Configuration, Level Design, AI Navigation, Official Media & Content Management. Oh and, I guess some coding these days.

Can you give me your SF2 bosses for my server?
Nope, I'm allowed to have my own private stuff, if you want content for SF2 you're better off making your own stuff instead of taking all of the stuff from my server that isn't intended for yours.

Do you create maps? And if so do you take commissions?
Nope, i'm sadly not interested in mapping for money, however I do have a list of maps I have created or worked on for various TF2 mods, it shouldn't be hard to find them.

Prefixes for versions are:
A for Alpha, B for Beta, V for Version, R for Release & RC for Release Candidate

SF2 Maps I have made:
- slender_abandoned (Slender Fortress) (Version - B3A)
- slender_alpha_complex (Slender Fortress) (Version - B1B)
- slender_atomics (Slender Fortress) (Version - B4B)
- slender_cellars (Slender Fortress) (Version - B4C)
- slender_claustrophobia (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2)
- slender_dustbowl (Slender Fortress (Version - B2 - Port + Waiting Room)
- slender_elementary (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2C)
- slender_fiveroundsatfreddys (Slender Fortress) (Version - B5)
- slender_forgotten_tomb (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2B)
- slender_frost_run (Slender Fortress) (Version - B4C)
- slender_frost_run (Slender Fortress) (Version - Classic)
- slender_gutters (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2C)
- slender_hydro (Slender Fortress) (Version - B3 - Port & Waiting Room)
- slender_lobbys (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2A)
- slender_lockers (Slender Fortress) (Version - B7)
- slender_monophobia_reborn (Slender Fortress) (Version - B1A for Alphonse)
- slender_noexit (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2A Remake for Narry)
- slender_sector_six (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2A)
- slender_storage_zero (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2)
- slender_the_sewer (Slender Fortress) (Version - B5)
- slender_two_fort (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2B Port + Waiting Room)
- slender_weepers (Slender Fortress) (Version - B3B)
- slender_w3d (Previously w3d_e3m09) (Slender Fortress) (Version - B1B)

SF2 Maps I have been involved in:
- slender_containmentbreach (Slender Fortress (Version - V2A Waiting Room + Fixes for Simply)
- slender_noexit (Slender Fortress) (Version - Classic Update for Narry & Kit o' Rifty)
- slender_parish (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2A Waiting Room + Fixes for Vincentor)
- slender_return_to_freddys (Slender Fortress) (Version - B3 Waiting Room + Detailing for Simply)
- slender_sanatorium (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2A Waiting Room for Simply)
- slender_scp_087_b (Slender Fortress (Version - V3B Waiting Room for Simply)
- slender_silenthill (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2 Finished the map for Simply)
- slender_theeightpages (Slender Fortress) (Version - Classic Update for Narry & Kit o' Rifty)
- slender_the_ward (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2A Waiting Room & Fixes for Simply)
- slender_underground (Slender Fortress) (Version - R1A Waiting Room for Simply)

SF2 Maps I have updated for others:
- slender_4way (Slender Fortress) (Version - V3_FIX General fixes for Quenquent)
- slender_arizona (Slender Fortress (Version - A6 Fixes for Stormchaser12)
- slender_asylum (Slender Fortress (Version - REDUX_FIX2 Resurrection + Fixes for Omi-Box)
- slender_decay (Slender Fortress (Versione - B5C Improvements for Jeddyk)
- slender_cry_of_fear (Slender Fortress) (Version A3 - Fixes for Rorek & Marquis)
- slender_hellfire (Slender Fortress) (Version - B1C General fixes for Simply)
- slender_hospice (Slender Fortress) (Version - B5D General fixes for Kit o' Rifty)
- slender_mansion (Slender Fortress) (Version - B3A Resurrection for Signalmax)
- slender_sewer (Slender Fortress) (Version - B2B Resurrection for Omi-Box)
- slender_swamp (Slender Fortress (Version - V3B Fixes for Lampenpam)
- slender_the_abyss (Slender Fortress) (Version - R1D Final Release for Simply)
- slender_the_citadel (Slender Fortress) (Version - B1E Fixes for Simply)
- slender_the_tower (Slender Fortress) (Version - B5B Fixes for Simply)

Other Maps I have made/worked on:
- cp_mann_mall (TF2 3CP Attack & Defend) (For TF2Maps 2017 Summer Jam) (Version - B3)
- ctf_well_event (TF2 Halloween Event) (Version - RC4A)
- koth_tiny_nucleus (TF2 Tiny Map) (Version - R1)
- sb_battleships (TF2 Super Smash Bros) (For Intox Gaming) (Version - B2)
- sb_complex (TF2 Super Smash Bros) (Version - B1)
- tfdb_crossing (TF2 Dodgeball) (Version - B2B)
- tfdb_hellspawn (TF2 Dodgeball) (Version - B2)
- tfdb_indoor_tennis (TF2 Dodgeball) (Version - B1A)
- trade_nexus (Trade map) (For TF2 Outpost (Dead map now)) (Version - B3B_NM)
- vsh_dunger (VS Saxton Hale) (Version - B2A)
- vsh_nale (VS Saxton Hale) (Version - B1E)
- vsh_snowdime (VS Saxton Hale) (Version - B2)
- vsh_spotline (VS Saxton Hale) (Version - R1A)
- vsh_swamp_outpost (VS Saxton Hale) (Version - B1A)
- vsh_warebloom (VS Saxton Hale) (Version - R1A)
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Red Glub Scout by Miss Darling
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[h1]A player model created for a custom Team Fortress 2 Server's host: Glubbable .[/h1]
The initial model didn't have an official release for the community.
We've brought the model with an entire overhaul
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제작자: Glubbable~ ❥,Maxxy,및Isabella
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I don't know why I am here. But a voice in my head has informed me that if I repeat the following word several times. I will satisfy the desire to♥♥♥♥♥♥off some emotional critic of the games original origins.

Stanley, stanley, stanley. Stanley... stanley, stanley. Stanley. Stanley, stanley... stanley. Stanley!!!

That is all. Now can I go home?
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