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STORY: 6/10
The game puts you in the shoes of Lo Wang, a reference-spewing hunk of one-liners of the Chinese persuasion who is pitted against an evil corporation named Zilla (get it...?) and finds that his master has been killed by their henchmen and goes after them for revenge. What follows is a rampage through numerous levels of elaborate castles, volcanoes, construction yards, facing a couple of bosses before finally facing down Zilla himself. So needless to say the story is practically on par with pretty much every shooter of the era and it serves just enough to give you a backdrop for the game's levels, but never gets in the way of what really matters, the gameplay.

The gameplay is pretty much identical to that of Duke 3D and other similar Build engine shooters, so if you've played those games you will most likely feel right at home in Shadow Warrior. It does however do its own spin on things and even does some things that could be considered upgrades from Duke 3D.

The game is fairly difficult, even on easy mode... at least early on. Once you get into the further levels, ammunition is fairly common to come across for pretty much all your weapons, and weapons like the Railgun completely OWN smaller enemies, at times gibbing them in single shots, and ammo for the Railgun is surprisingly not that scarce, I don't think I ever encountered a single instance where I ran out of ammo on that thing (I was playing on Easy difficulty mind you and I was using it somewhat sparingly). Not to mention fortune cookies (which function as the game's equivalent of the Nuclear Health pickups from Duke 3D) are increasingly common in later levels as well as medkits. This kind of makes the game's difficulty curve a bit uneven as you'll start out pretty weak with weapons that aren't capable of dispatching enemies quickly so on the higher difficulties where the enemy count is higher you'll most likely have a really bad time in the beginning of the game, but then the game almost becomes too easy once you get your hands on the more powerful weapons in the game.

Graphically the game looks fairly impressive for a Build engine game, featuring some 3D objects in place of sprites for stuff like weapons, powerups and keys. It achieved this by using voxels (3-dimensional volumetric pixels) to give objects a 3-dimensional appearance without actually using polygonal 3D models. But for the most time, the palette looks kinda brown and ugly (not sure if this was done intentionally) and while I like some of the more urban industrial looking levels, a lot of the other levels just look kinda bland and a bit drab aside from the numerous Chinese style buildings and such. I can remember some levels standing out a bit to me, like an airport with a crashed airplane, a train station early in the game and a volcano as the final level, but a few of the levels just kinda blend together in my head. That's not to say the level design is bad or anything, I just found that a lot of the time it felt a bit uninspired and a bit of a product of its time. Most of the time, navigating the game was a breeze.

SOUND: 7/10
What I really love about these Build engine games is just how visceral some of them feel and using the game's arsenal feels incredibly satisfying. Hearing the chunky shot of the Riot Gun, the peppering bulletspray of the UZI's, the intense ZAP of the Railgun and the slashing of the sword all brings to mind classic action movies and you just don't feel this kind of combat in games anymore. It definitely has its own style from this era. I also love the delivery of Lo Wang and while he may come off as a bit annoyingly stereotypical at times, his somewhat dopey delivery kinda makes some of his lines pretty funny. The music is thematically fitting, and was probably the first Build engine title to utilize CD Redbook Audio for its soundtrack rather than relying on MIDI. It's not that memorable for the most part compared to some of the tunes from Duke 3D but it's there, sets the mood and gives the game the kind of Asian vibe it needs without feeling in the way. Andrew Hulshult also remixed the title theme for the Classic Redux edition of the game and it sounds suitably rocked up, giving it more energy than the original.

With all of its naked Sailor Moon influenced girls, protagonist constantly trying to sound funny, and somewhat bigger reliance on fart jokes and scat humor, I can't help but feel like this game wasn't really made for me. I find it a bit harder to get through than Duke Nukem 3D, and a lot of it doesn't hold up as well today in my opinion in regards to both content and level design, but I was still having a good time for the most part when the game wasn't making me cringe too hard, but it was still a bit of a chore at times. I had never finished this game before doing this review and I doubt I ever will again. I had a few moments where I giggled a bit, sure, but I wasn't enjoying myself as much as I wish I was. With that in mind, I still recommend this game. Out of all the Build engine games, Shadow Warrior isn't really that high on my list and for that reason I can't really score it as high as Duke 3D, but if you love oldschool FPS's, especially using the Build engine, it's worth a shot, and hopefully it will click with you more than it did for me.
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