Dongheon "Keith Ape" Lee
Markus   Jyvaskyla, Western Finland, Finland : Liiiiiiiit as fuck , You are guaranteed to fall in love with this shit. Everything might change, But "It G Ma" Stays
Just a casual Gamer From Finland. If you want to add me and play with me just ask :). But if you are here for trading purposes there is some things that you will have to know : I will not accept private profiles, inventories etc. I will also not accept any kinda links in trading (I will not open or review them). I know the basic scams such as (Middleman Scheme and the basic link scams "I want to trade your knife for this [Random ass link]). And for that i will report you on Global Offensive lounge. You should not waste your time for trying to scam me. If i am not playing with this account, i might be playing with my other account Sintaire. My Rank is Master Guardian 1-. And i have a LE account which im pretty much using for all of my so called "tryhard" competetives. Also check out , "KOHH" And "SALU" (All of the mentioned accounts are mine :3 )
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Trade Your CS:GO Cases For Keys! (Rate 4 Cases for 1 key) {LINK REMOVED}
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Sun nimi on perseestä retku :3
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Dongheon "Keith Ape" Lee Jul 9, 2017 @ 9:14am 
Ty retard autist
haHaa Jul 9, 2017 @ 9:13am 
nice background! haha
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