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ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ:skullgirl: Never forget | 忘れない :skullgirl:

ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ My Jam

ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ My Childhood

For many of those who asked or stalked my profile

Yes Im Japanese who happens to be fluent in English?

International school exists in Japan too

I speak 5 languages

Loves Music
:pinkheart::pinkheart::pinkheart::pinkheart::pinkheart: My Music Album, yes for real, LEGIT MUSIC Extended Play Album I Made Myself []:pinkheart::pinkheart::pinkheart::pinkheart::pinkheart:

Sick Korean Beats & Japanese Hip Hop
Dark DnB
Proud of
:pinkheart: Roukyoku/Naniwabushi
:pinkheart: Enka
:pinkheart:Big Fan of SHING02 , and Korean Rapper Huckleberry P


I work at Fashion design and marketing, and ex-pharmaceutical commodities trade but i hated it

TF2 things:
MVM 2C Tour : Stopped playing at 2018 february at total of 1082 tour combined in 4 diff accounts and badge resets.
I cashed out at 15th July 2016

I am fluent and colloquialized in English. Wakayama Born, a proud Southern Japanese with naniwabushi & enka-filled soul.

I got very many adds from weeaboos just because I am Japanese.
I HATE cringe WEEABOS , disgrace to my beloved country, treating my country as such as Disney land or some wonderland.
To think such image is given to Japan, while in reality we frown upon our own Otakus in our own land

My soul still serves the Tenno and Dai Nippon Teikoku.

MVM Upgrade:
Soldier HH []
Artwork Showcase
14 3
Screenshot Showcase
FINAL CASH OUT.Endgame set おしまい、おつかれさま、ぜんぶ売れた。 Thank you to all my tf2 acquaintances for the fun, ive cashed out almost all my stuffs, gg
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╬Snivy IsTrolling╬ Jun 16 @ 4:49am 
Hey dude, i hope you still remember me from your old TF2 days in 2012! I heard the old account you were using was borrowed from a friend. He sent me your current account, its nice seeing you again
A r t Jun 4 @ 12:57am 
Minamoto no Raikō Jun 3 @ 5:41pm 
yes naegger
Sugeszan May 25 @ 2:01am 
Added to play Tf2 together
Animeci Orospu Çocuğu May 2 @ 5:19am 
I came across you on a community server in tf2 at 2016, I remember screenshotting you burning team captain, and today -after 3 years- I checked that screenshot and saw that you left a comment . I just wanted to comment back on your profile <3 Love from Turkey
sleep Mar 10 @ 5:54am 
today marks the 69th day of 2019