Belethor(General Goods)
Japple Barry   Fukushima, Fukushima, Japan
Sometimes chocolate rain gets in my eyes. The tears of black orphans help though. Send me your black orphan tears......please.
It's so difficult for me to assemble iPhones everyday...
Every morning Mr. Orochi burns my white rice...

I hide my games from Mr. Orochi, he does not approve of them.

TipOfTheDay: Don't be a BM(Bad Meme)

Personal question...Do you accept shrek as your MemeLord and Savior?
Option 1: Yes
Option 2: Yes
Option 3: No, I feel that Memes have forsaken me.
Option 4: Really? I am a devote Memer and can see a repost just from the URL.
Option 5: Get Outta Meh Swamp, I'm worshipping here!
When the sun comes up and the memes flow free....oh boi is it a sight to see!

The flow of memes can't be stopped, it is one of Newton's great laws and the more painful the meme is to look at, the stronger it becomes.

I have the qualifications of a lvl 98 meme master. Lvl 99 is not spoken of and it would be against my contract to disclose information on it. The school of memeing is strict but effective.

The real definition of dab- To wipe away the tears of existence quickly and efficiently onto a sleeve.

and remember-

List of FAV Animes
1. Spongebob
2. Invader Zim
3. Dora The Explorer
4. Metalocolypse
5. Hey Arnold

(In Spawn)
Lucio- Hello, today I'll be your healer
Genji- I need healing
Lucio- Left game

Are you part of the Overwatch Church?
How to become a member:
Baptism is performed by playing one Overwatch match. If you can’t afford a copy of the game, you can play a match of Paladins instead to achieve the same effect.

Always *dabs left* *dabs right* before crossing the street.

<o/'s while kicking chair over so the noose tightens
Currently Online
CPU- 2.4 ghz raw potato
MOBO- Model 82A1 sweet potato
PSU- 600W carrot juicer
GPU- 360p mosaic art of a baked potato
RAM- 24 diced beets

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