Benjamin "DreaM" Pánek   Kyoto, Japan
:sadecho: i am only kinda sadboy GOLFCART BOYS :sadecho:
:sadecho: HIROI SEKAI [ワイドワールド] :sadecho:

:shipenergy: Official fan of SAD B☹YS
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:shipenergy: True Fan of デーモンAstari :shipenergy:

:LightBlueCube: Welcome on my profile :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube: My nicknames are DreaM,qyxV :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube: I am not accepting :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube: Lvl 0 or private profile :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube: Vacbanned , Gamebanned or Trade Banned accounts :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube:Dont try to scamm me i know all methods off scamm dont waste my time :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube: Dont ask me for skins or i will block you :LightBlueCube:

:LightBlueCube: I will delete you if you will be offline more than 14 days :LightBlueCube:
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i am only kinda sadboy
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:shipenergy: Current Rank : Supreme :shipenergy:

:shipenergy: PC Specs :shipenergy:

:shipenergy: • Cooler Master :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • OS: Windows 7 Proffesional :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • CPU: Intel i5 3.4Ghz :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • GPU: ATI Radeon 3350K :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • HDD: 1TB 7200 RPM :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • RAM: GIGABYTE 4GB :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • Mobo: GIGABYTE B85M-DS3H :shipenergy:

:shipenergy: Peripherals :shipenergy:

:shipenergy: • Monitor: 24" SAMSUNG :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • Keybaord: EVOLVEO G862 :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK+ Esports Champions Edition :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • Mouse: SteelSeries Rival :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: • Headset: SteelSeries Siberia V2 :shipenergy:

:shipenergy: Current Favourite Team(s): Titan,G2 :shipenergy:
:shipenergy: Current Favourite Players: ScreaM,kennyS,oskar,rain :shipenergy:

:trophy: Personal Info :trophy:

:trophy: AGE : 15 :trophy:
:trophy: SEX : Male :trophy:
:trophy: CITY : Černčice u Loun :trophy:
:trophy: BORN IN : Prague :trophy:
:trophy: HOW MANY YEARS I PLAYING CS : 8 :trophy:

:cryingrandy: SADBOYS :cryingrandy:

Bitch I'm smoked out, I be seeing five elements
My spaceship all white, chains looking like an elephant
Cruising all night, everybody be smelling it
What you want tonight? Ain't no god damn telling them
Yeah I'm the boss bitch, I'm fucking reverent
Take a trip to Paris, I be back again
Take a trip to Yoshi City, never come back again
Tell a friend
Leany been adding like a god damn veteran
If I'm in the club, then they smelling them
Bitch I'm in the shadows, I'm the captain
Me and my boys stacking Benjamin's, we be stacking Benjamin's
Tell a friend, diamonds on my bank...
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