Donolf Trumpler   United States
Oh btw: This is my smurf account. Playing CS since beta 6.5 (2000).
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shmoked 12. juni kl. 12:07 
The real trumpler. thats so epic. give me your sochaul secruity for vbucks
Trumpler 12. mai kl. 13:17 
Thank you for this information :)
rad. 8. mai kl. 5:12 
Krsa is speaking Czech he is saying that you need to learn how to play
Ghost - ♞ 26. apr. kl. 10:51 
its polish i think
Trumpler 19. apr. kl. 14:04 
Sorry, I do not speak Kebab
Krsa 19. apr. kl. 13:59